Tuesday, December 29, 2009

impian menjadi kenyataan

gala nyte

semenjak form 1 aku dah impikan untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke german dan akhirnya,atas berkat usaha, dorongan ibu bapa,guru2,rakan2 dan juga dengan izin Illahi..impian aku itu sudah menjadi kenyataan, hanya menanti saat2 nya sahaja.

semoga Allah memelihara dan menjaga sepanjang kehidupanku dan rakan2ku di negara orang nanti..InsyaAllah..

yang akan pergi ke aussie,hope kamu2 pun akan terus berjaya di sana dan janganlah lupakan kami2 yang akan ke german :D

summer camp

pada yang tidak bernasib baik, mungkin masih sempat kamu2 berbincang dengan JPA @ YTM. if not, God knows better..ada sebab kita tidak diberikan apa yang kita ingini. Hope 4 da best & pray 4 da best...

frankfurt,cologne, here we come!!!

(skema la plak ayat2 aku)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

LG GT505

i've bought this phone this monday,without knowing anything about it. i was thinking of buying samsung's phone,but,the day i wanna buy it,the stock already sold out. so, i went to another phone booth,seeking for another model of phone,which i prefered. so, i stopped at this one booth,LG booth,then i saw this phone,same price with the one i prefered,but with better applications,espcially,it's camera (5.0 MP),GPS and WI-FI. it really caught my interest,without thinking much, i bought it. while using it,i found it,fantastic. wi-fi is great,GPS also great etc. but then. i went to the website, and read several comments about this phone. some say it is good,some say it is a rubbish. mostly comments on the batery,as the batery does not last long. ehm,i hope,my phone will not create such a problem. for now,i really like this phone..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

aku pun tataw nk tulis pe

life kt umah sgt2 la borink,klau takde katering,mmg tdo jerr la keje..nk chatting,spe la sgt yg slalu on9..buhsan!!!!

tp,tyme katering mmg plg best..tme tuh la ak dpt build muscle ak balik,haha..penat seyh,angkat barang,agak2 20 kilo satu tong..nk2,bukan satu tong jerr 2,3,4,5,6,7 tong..pergh,mcm nk patah jerr tgn..

tyme katering,yg tyme kawin,sgt2 best,huhu...i met someone look really like my sr,Lisa..dye group kendarat,baru form 4,but not available la,ak pn takde la nk masuk line..juz admire jerr..tataw la npe,ak mmg mnat yg cumeyl2,yg keciq2 jerr..

skang nieh,medical check up dh siap,juz nk dpt an sign due owg tok borang keselamatan..ntah ble la ayah ak nk g amik sign..ahad nieh dh nk blk kolej & nk kne hantar ke JPA..

ehm,tyme katering selase ari tuh,01.12.2009, ak jmpe adik2 keciq ak,due pmpn n sowg laki & mak len aku..terkejot gak awal,tyme masuk dewan,pelik la,spe la diowg tuh..then,ak sje tatap muke sowg2,then,ak dpt detect sowg..nasuha i think,agy sowg nasuha,yg laki,tak sure plak nme dye,rizal...tp,ak tak brani tegur la,ayah ak ade,tp dye tataw yg ak taw psl hal nieh..may be next2 tyme..

2morrow,ade lagi katering,katenyer 80 tok nurses,huhu..best2,sure byk yg cun2,haha..then,sabtu lak,sdare ak kawin kt ttdi,then ahad,ak pulang,ambil owg/buah hati aku kat LCCT..dye dr Kedah nk blk kolej UIA..so,plan nk tgk wyg kt GSC Alamanda,NEW MOON,huhu..hope tak full...

well,stakat nieh,tuh la yg ak wat slame ak kt umah..afta dating,ader btn,then cuti blk..need to plan sumthing so life would not be boring..

btw,ak dlm plan nk beli nset,SAMSUNG..ari tuh ptt nyer dh beli,tp,afta kne brain wash ngan akak ak ,kak Shila,ak tak jdk beli..duet yg ayah aku bg,ak simpan dlm akaun CIMB Bank..maybe next2 tyme ak beli la,afta btn @ maybe afta dpt result..

skang nieh,kne byk2 berdoa jerr,so dat i will pass the cutting-off point yg JPA dh tetap an tok fly ke german..InsyaAllah..

datz all 4 now..

Monday, November 23, 2009

1st perfomance

best of me - sum 41...

solo perfomance...


sory if my voice didn't that nice...

donno how to control "wajah"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

oral (german)

Von allen Dingen, die ich habe,finde ich meine Gitarre am besten zu erzaehlen. Zuerst will ich erzaehlen, wo wann und warum ich sie gekauft habe. Ich habe sie Endes des Jahres 2007 von einem Gitarregeschaeft in Melaka gekauft. Sie ist blau und hat nur RM130 gekostet. Das ist nicht zu teuer,finde ich. Es gab viele andere Gitarre, die teurer als meine waren.

Troztdem ich nicht spielen konnte,kaufte ich sie. Warum? Nach der Abschluss Pruefung war,bin ich gelangweilt. Ich wusste nicht, was ich machen musste. Ich habe immer geschlafen. Ploetzlich hat meiner Freund mir empfohlen, die Gitarre lernen konnte. Deshalb kaufte ich sie. Eigentlich wollte ich von meinem Freund waehrend meine Ferien nach der Abschluss Pruefung lernen, aber er musste sich mit seiner Arbeit beschaeftigen. Deshalb wurde meine Gitarre nur eine Dekoration bei mir zu Hause. Ich habe versucht, selbst zu spielen, aber es schafft nicht.

Aber dann ging ich Ende 2008 zum KBU und ich traf Faizal und Hakeem. Sie sind meine Mitschueler und die beide koennen sehr gut Gitarre spielen.Ich habe von Ihnen viel gelernt. Nach den zwei Monaten konnte ich das erste Lied spielen. Der Titel ist "Pieces", ein Lied von SUM 41. Heuzutage kann ich mehrere Liede spielen, etwa zehn. Fuer mich, wenn ich meine Gitarre spielen, fuehle ich mich entspannend. Ich will auch meine Gitarre spielen, wenn ich unter Stress bin und Probleme habe.

Eigentlich habe ich einen Traum, dass ich mein eigenes Lied Kompanieren machen will,vielleich auf Deutsch, Fruehe konnte ich nicht singen, wenn ich Gitarre spiele, aber jetzt kann ich singen, wenn ich spiele. Ich habe nachgedacht, wenn ich naechstes Jahr nach Deutschland fliegen kann, will ich meine Gitarre mitbringen, so dass ich mich nicht langweilig fuehlen will.
Translation, next post.....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

cute lil' girl wearing "bende putih yg balut kaki dye tuh"

kawaii @ schoen

short biodata :
name : nur athirah bte hisham
dob : 11 september 2007
pob : kajang
favourite food : any kind of MEE
hobby : drawing & go outside da haus

juz look at the pix, she's still cute even with that "bende putih yg balut kaki dye tuh"....

athirah,so cute

hey,who's diz cute lil' girl's uncle??

she can't walk anymore,yeah,only for 3 months,not 4 da rest of her life..but somehow,i feel a lil' bit guilty.y?da reason she wear that "bende putih yg balut kaki dye tuh",probably because of me.i rmmbr one day that i forgot to watch her playing on the bed,suddenly,she fell down from the bed,crying loudly.but,my family didn't notice about it.when she stopped crying,i gave her back to MY mom to take care of her.until now,nobody knows about that incident.sorry athirah,it was UCU's fault..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

putr@jaya 3

continue from the last post....

not so much to tell about,it juz dat,we "sesat2" on da way to ZUL's uncle's house,sumwhere around banting..is was late in da evening,at it was da tyme to pray "maghrib"..zul's idea was not to pray at his uncle's haus (tak nk kaco owg),so we decided to stop by at MASJID KLIA.unfortunately,we took da wrong "path" which lead us to TERMINAL KLIA.so we spent another half an hour to turn over and pray..

when we arrived at ZUL's uncle's haus, we were served with MEE BANDUNG,such a delicious MEE i ever had (sje puji)..we had a chit chat for a while,then we went back..otw back, ZUL's wanted, really wanted to go through SMART TUNNEL, so, we did it..

watch da video below..

while everyone was really tired, especially MU'ADZ, i had another brilliant idea that really make us rmmbr about that day..we stopped by at TASIK TITIWANGSA..there, we played at the playground, and.....juz datz it..then,final destination, CENTREPOINT..i taught everyone was tired, but, after arrived at hostel, we then watched muvee, i can't really rmmbr, maybe LOTR..meanwhile, i told all about our journey to SUE and DARWIN, including some stupid topic, between DARWIN and me..

datz all....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

putr@jaya 2

kanak2 riang

5th case scenario :
when we arrived at IMIGRESEN department, we're confused,which floor should we go.after asking ( i donno what should called her,officer @ receptionist)..then,MU'ADZ,PEJAL,CIKO and KAMARUL took "borang" to make their pasport. however,all of them didn't have enough MONEY, so ZUL and I went to ATM to withdraw some amount of money for them as they fill the "borang"..to make it short,MU"ADZ's card can't be used whereas KAMARUL's didn't have enough amount of money (CIMB only)


6th case scenario :
before they can continue their progress to make their pasport, they need to take photo (pasport size). while waiting for them to take photo, ZUL and I went to fill our stomach with some SNACK. after done eating, they suddenly told me that, they didn't want to make their pasport today. they said that, it already late and they didn't want to return back to PUTR@JAYA to take back the pasport and the cost for pasport size photo was about RM18 for 4..pergh,ak pn pk mahal!!!!so,we had just burn our time just like that =(

7th case scenario :
because our mission does not completed, we make our decision to "pusing2" around PUTR@JAYA..i'm lazy to type,so i just show the pictures only

muke perasan cumeyl =p

i think this is a candid one

midland @ d tasek

midland @ d tasek

It was MU'ADZ idea to go to this lake. first, we just wanted to "lepaq@" at the "pondok" near to the lake. but then, we all agreed to move a step futher, we wanted to ride "pedal boat" (like that la).. however, we change our mind after that. so, we just took a few pix...

*macam2 gaya la kuar,GAY, CUMEYL, MACHO n etc.dh meluat aku tengok =p

d tengah kota raya

no comment on this pix

wtf!!such a group of gay!!

pix above, we took after feeling so boring hanging around BANGUNAN KERAJAAN + hungry..we feel like we were tourists,haha..never been to PUTR@JAYA before this, that's why laa...

alamanda @ park

alamanda @ shopping centre

b'coz KAMARUL "sangap" wanna go to alamanda, as he never been there, so we all again agree to go to alamanda. the first thing we do, we sat on the bench, thinking of what we gonna do there. so, we walk around alamanda just like someone "yang takde tujuan"..then, we pray and we left for ZUL's uncle (datang beraya). to look nice, we bought a box of APPLE Pie as "buah tangan" to his (ZUL's) uncle..

to be continued again........

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


zul,azizi,pejal,ciko,mu'adz & kamarul (fotographer)

main reason, why we went to putrajaya : we wanted to make pasport for us, whereas i wanted to renew my old pasport,unfortunately, i didn't bring along my old pasport.

at IMIGRESEN department

1st case scenario :
we were 6 of us, but my SWEET & CUTE car (kancil) cannot carry all of us,especially CIKO.so we decided to borrow ZHAF arts car.by the time we wanted to start our journey, we lack of driver, because Mu'adz didnt't bring his driving license whereas CIKO are not familiar with BANDAR'S road. so, 6 of us were "put" inside 1 car

2nd case scenario :

we had a difficulty to find PUTRA mosque, even some of us already been there. so, we gotta to PUSING2 around putrajaya for several of times. suddenly, KAMARUL came with a brilliant idea. he told me to follow a motorcyclist, because he wearing baju MELAYU, and for sure he wanted to go to the mosque. ahhhhh!!!that rider went to a BANGUNAN KERAJAAN. so we just TAWAKAL after that, and GOD willing, we saw the signboard showing the direction to the mosque. ALHAMDULILLAH

Putra Mosque

3rd case scenario :
after FRIDAY's prayer, we have, what we called in MALAY,sessi fotografi. (mcm la kami ni foreigner). then, we had another problem. we're lost, our mission was to find PRESINT II, but we can't. it took about an hour just to find PRESINT II. while searching for that PRESINT, we went to a petrol station to TOP UP the car GAS. Mu'adz have a part time job =)

Mu'adz part time job

continue from 3rd case scenario :
when we arrived at PRESINT II, we had another problem. which department should we go, IMIGRESEN @ JPN?? (mereng kejap sumer2).. opsss!!!i wanted to enter the parking, but it is only for HANDLEG @ KAKITANGAN. quickly, as fast as SIPUT BABI, i reverse the car, and run off. then, i dropped them at JPN building, while me and ZUL went to find parking..

4th case scenario :
then suddenly FAIZAL called me, and he told that, we should go to IMGIRESEN department instead of JPN deparment to make our pasport. we're such a FOOL. it is not so far from JPN building (that IMGIRESEN bulding), just accross the main road. look pix below.

Government building

to be continued.......

Friday, September 25, 2009

seminggu beraya


ahad :

raye kt rumah, raye rumah jiran, blk kg (balik hari jerr), beraya dengan sdare mare, main mercun & tgk Man U vs Man C

isnin :

beraya kt rumah mertua akak aku yang no. 2 kt masjid tanah

selasa :

raya rumah burn, rumah poe, rumah congkak (bagaikan resort), rumah wandan, rumah bazila, rumah wandol & rumah jalal


rabu :

penuhkan mase dgn tdo, malam lak syafiq alza, nizam n bob dtg beraya, then tgk wyg, jamming n lastly, tgk bola (Man U vs Hull)

khamis :

beraya rumah munir, kg nazif kt brisu, rumah burn, rumah aspa (open haus), rumah syak & rumah nizam..mlm, paiz keciq smpy umah aku, anta aspa balik, g funfair ngan nizam n paiz keciq..dpt la satu hadiah..



jumaat :

dr pg ke petang tdo, takde la misz solat jumaat...


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


i've already learned about 4 languages, not to include BABY LANGUAGES cuz i don't think a normal (ADULT) people can understand it..

1st, my mother tongue, BAHASA MELAYU, which i always use for my daily conversation..2nd, english, i only use it sometimes, on SPECIAL occasion..then, the 3rd one is arab, which is the hardest language i ever learned, but, it's really2 BERSENI..after that, GERMAN, i started learn german at secondary school, and it's quite similar to english, so not so hard to learn...

from all the languages i have learned, the one that i really like is ARAB, coz it is AL=QURAN's language, followed by malay (of coz, my mother tongue), then german and lastly, english (really don't like english)..

(i have no idea, juz wanna write something + to improve my ENGLISH)..btw, TEE is juz around da corner, and oral!!!next week start,fuhh!!wutever it is, may ALLAH bless us all in our journey on this EARTH...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

dodol time

teacher :
if u are given a choice, which 1 you choose :

1. kupas BAWANG : it clean ur eyes without using EYEMO
2. bakar LEMANG : teach u how to survive, if are in a jungle
3. kakau DODOL : build ur muscle (triceps and biceps)

a smart student :
me me, i wanna answer..i choose to kacau DODOL..it's FUN and i wanna be tough like MR AZIZI...yuhu!!!

short history of DODOL :
it was said dat, one day, 1 malay guyz saw 1 white guyz, chewing something inside his mouth..then, he threw it away after a while..dat malay guyz was shocked, b'coz he never saw somebody threw away their food after KUNYAH it..then, suddenly, idea came to his mind..he made something like CHEWING GUM but it is much better to TELAN rather than throw it away..and it is now known as DODOL...

we are SPARTAN!!

sabri is just showing OFF,haha :p
"eh,ader awek la belakang tuh sabri,usha2 ar :D"

hakeem, it is not about how STRONG u are, it is about how CALM @ TENANG u are
so,don't push so hard..juz RELAX

PEKAT dh tuh..

DODOL taste so good,sedap DIKUNYAH sehingga MENJILAT JARI

but, in the end, i didn't go to the MAJLIS BERBUAKA PUASA dat night, b'coz i prefer to BERBUKA PUASA with my BUDDIES / OLD SKEWL FRIENDS

later, i will write about our small REUNION @ ALAMANDA b'coz i wanna collect 1st all da pix we took together during dat time..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

feeling empty

never taught i will wearing this kind of cloth, HOODIES..yeah!!it looks nice, but i can't afford it..and even if i bought it,it is not worthy, coz i might wearing it KEJAP-KEJAP...

my new belt..i taught it was RM18 ++ but then, when it was time to PAY, i simply2 took another one, which i look it NICER, and it cos more..RM21 ++..SHIT

juz trying this kind of so called GAY shirt..haha, it's really makes me look GAY..and i'm not covering my STOMACH!!!!

texting!!zul, new bag ka??sorry la,i crop it, coz it doesn't fit this pix well =p

a long walk

it was not an arranged "DATE" (uiii,sounds MENGGELIKAN) and only took a few hours of plan before we went out together...PAV & KLCC

the things that totally surprised me was that she's to small (dye sgt la CUMEYL @ KECIQ), like NENEK at CP..her shoe's size is 4 and i guest her clothes might be XXS,maybe!!!

could not take the front pix :(

then,i bought her a huge WAFFLE..but,she didn't eat it, it just me..

we walked and kept walking, searching for shoes (for me & her) + pants....but it seems like, nothing fit me well..:( except for her =p

kurang asam,ak semangat mencari!!!

she's great, and we talked like we already knew each other for such a long time (yeah,through cyber world)

AND it was like the happiest day in my life (coz i simply be me & myself)
poyo tol ayat aku nieh :D


we're just FRIEND..haha
so,don't think MEREPEK-REPEK!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

perjalanan pulang

pelepasan : terus gerak pulang selepas kelas PHYSICS yang tamat jam 12.45 tengah hari.misz sakit, tp masih semangant mengajar anak2 muridnya. bersyukur ada lecturer seperti misz say. sebelum pulang, drop hakeem, zul n mu'adz di LRT kelana jaya.

cuaca : sangat2 la sejuk d sebabkan hujan lebat sepanjang perjalanan dr damansara ke seremban. seremban ke melaka, cuaca sangatlah cerah.

situasi : memandu seorang diri kerana tiada siapa yang nak temankan.agak seronok gak, kerana boleh buat keje2 gila ketika memandu (Alhamdulillah, selamat sampai juga).

pemandangan : kabur jerr sepanjang perjalanan dr damansara ke seremban coz hujan lebat. banyak kereta yang eksiden, mostly langgar belakang. ada la dalam 2-3 eksiden yang melibatkan due buah kereta.

pemandangan : dr seremban ke melaka, pemandangan yang cukup indah di tambahkan lagi dengan cuaca yang panas2 ayu. bunga2 di lebuh raya mengindahkan suasana. (alangkah uniknya ciptaan Illahi).

sesat : boleh dikatakan sesat. igt masuk LDP boleh tembus terus PLUS dengan mudah dan juga lebih menjimatkan, alangkah silapnya pertimbangan aku. termasuk berpusing2 di putrajaya coz terlepas simpang 1st ke PLUS.

tol simpang ampat : sebuah kereta REXTON terbalik. sangat2 mengejutkan aku coz kete besar cmtuh pun boleh terbalik, ini kan kancil cumeyl aku..seterusnya, memecut dengan laju menghala ke bandar melaka, coz tak nak tersangkut di setiap traffic light yang ada sepanjang kat highway AMJ.

ketibaan : rasa bersyukur, coz selamat sampai tanpa sebarang masalah, especially temperature kereta tak meragam dan terlibat dalam sebarang kemalangan.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


selasa & rabu - ciko

khamis - kamarul

jumaat - aku sendiri

sabtu - faizal

ahad - tiada sesiapa pun (tidak pasti siapa pula yang demam)

isnin - hampir semua pelajar "engineering class 3" demam (climax)

selasa - sedikit2 makin pulih (anti-climax)

dalam seminggu yang lepas, ramai rakan2 ku termasuk diri aku terkena "separa" jangkitan h1n1, alhamdulillah, bukanlah h1n1 sebenar, setakat demam biasa sahaja.

virus h1n1 ini sangatlah berbahaya. dalam group sbpis (sekolah aku), mereka2 berdiskusi mengenai hal ini dan ternyata ianya sangat berbahaya dan mampu membunuh tuan empunya badan dengan cepat. dalam khutbah jumaat pun dh menekankan mengenai hal ini.

gerun juga bila memikirkan virus h1n1 ini. setakat ini, kbu masih di tahap yang selamat, walaupun sudah dua orang (foreigner) yang telah dijangkiti virus ini. semoga, semua (terutamanya pelajar2 jpa & ytm) selamat dari dijangkiti virus ini.

(ayat2 skema, mempraktikkan bahasa melayu yang sebenarnya)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

saturday morning

i woke up late around 7.20 a.m. b'coz last nyte i spent for about 2 hours at mcd juz to get a better connection...(wi-fi at CP sucks)

then, straight away went to SOLAT and terpakse qada' ( haiya, i always need to qada' SUBOH lately)..someone must help me to wake me up early..

after that, siap2 and packing my beg..walk alone to "padang bola KBU" b'coz i taught everyone have reached there..when i arrived, it juz me, standing alone on that field...

while waiting for others, i listened to one song..the song entitle "mahkota" and the singer is "meet uncle hussein".. i got it from sue..quiet nice...

then, when others have arrived, we started to play rugby..learn about tactical and some basic steps and rules of rugby taught by "sifu ayadi" and his friend "sifu quack" and "quack", sorry, i didn't know his real name...

but, something make my mood bad and also make me feels "menyirap"..try "la" to wake up early in the morning and don't be so lazy to come to the field early without being called so many times until somebody totally "menyirap"..

ok, maybe juz dat all..all and all, everything was a normal things dat i done every saturday morning..(maybe juz only for another week, then, it may change, depends on "keinginan ak"..tschuess!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

keysah dlu2

keciq2 dlu, around 5-6 thn,aku d letak an d taman kanak-kanak @ kindergarten..(hang sedar tak,kindergarten??) deutsch...haha..

kindergarten tuh,kini berada d styewangse dan lebih tepat sekali, sudah bertapak di atas tanah umah lame ak..(sedeyh seyh,meninggal an rumah kt styewangse)...

kt kindergarten tuh, kenangan plg pahit, ak telah membuatkan seorang "sahabat" ak jatuh tangga, dan di jahit dagunye..(ak rse,lebih kurang,8 jahitan owt,ntah ar)..

ak rse,nieh la sejarah ak mencederakan owg plg terok..kesian budak tuh..tp,ak tak kne marah,owg kate,darah mude agy,haha...selamat2..

citer lame,kadang2 membuat an kite tersenyum seketika..meredakan rase reseah kelisah bila dh besar2 nieh,byk prob berlaku..no more idea agy,so,tata....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009




berita buruk??

ah,pegi mati suma itu..

makan pn agy sedap...

Friday, July 10, 2009


lepaq?wuts dat? bunyi cam pelik, tp hati mne yg tak nak tahu mende2 baru, so, redah jerr r..so dats, it's juz a place for "lepak" and be entertained by "mereka2 yg ader voice menarik"..ok2 la, da place is quite nice, but totally out of my world..tp,tak salah wat, sekali sekala try mende2 baru..b4 dat, dinner kt mamak bistro..erk!!mus, zhaf (aus) , aya n others, ak tarak sukak ngan nasi goreng ala2 bubur2 tuh!!!!!

k,bout da performance, only two dat a i like, da 1st one was by "abg anis", hilmy..even, lagu last from oasis, ader lupe lyric jap,haha..it's normal la..2nd one was da performance from "farah saad" (donno anything bout her)..juz 4 da reason dat, almost all her "own" songs, made for dumm..including satu tajuk lagu "bodoh" yg mmg wat org rase "bodoh"..

after dat, lepak2 kat tmn bu6 jap ngan si dye while waiting 4 atiqah yg nk lepak2 ngan eva n anis jap..surprisingly, zhaf (germ) pn ader kt situ..cheh, kaco line ar mamat tuh.. somehow, i was down 4 a lil' while, but yet, i had overcome it,by talking "nonsense"...then, dan2 jerr tiqah tak nk blk agy,so ak kne amik pg nieh..

now, i'm still waiting for her call..ak bangun awal ari nieh, demi cik atiqah,haha..

Friday, July 3, 2009

kembali menulis

dh agak lame ak tak blogging..semenjak due menjak nieh,idea ssh nk dtg..dh puas otak memikir an nyer, still, blank..kadang2 tuh,dtg gak idea, but then,bkk jerr blog, again, blank..agak sengal gak ar..

anyway, this week, at least, ak dpt express an feeling ak kt somebody,tp agak shy2 gak ar..haha..nk kate happy, not yet, coz tataw agy respon dr si dia..ngah menanti agy..rmi yg dh bleyh agak spe owg nyer,haha

ujung mggu, as usual, d penuh an mse ngan mende2 lagha (hw??sowie ar,wa tak rajin ar wt hw)..lepak2 tgk tv,mkn2 kt al-safa kol 3 pg..best gak ar movie kt tv3 smlm, citer lme, but, menarik ar..based on comic...tgk rmi2 lak tuh..yg mkn 3 pg,coz tak dpt tdo + lapa bangat seyh..

but the time ak menaip2 nieh, ak ngah bce english..klau kowg taw la,english hampeh nk mampos..dlm proses meng"improve", at least, pass la for ausmat nieh..keyh, continue doing my work..nk citer psl deutsche schule, but i'm waiting some photo from shun ling..later

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Speisen und Getraenke

this is one my unhealthy habit. i like to eat during...ehm,everytime, i think..even my breakfast, i eat a lot, sometimes it juz like my lunch.. i really like to be at home, my breakfast wouldn't have a limit (didn't care about money) & my mom always cook "plenty" of food, b'coz she know that i like to eat & eat a lot...

so, how a bout my lunch??4 sure bigger and tougher than my breakfast.. must be rice, otherwise, i won't feel "kenyang".. maybe, mee is also okeyh, but must be a lot more quantity than "padi"..then, dinner.. it's not fix... depend on my mood n depend on my activity during day time.. usually, i take my dinner after maghrib, so i won't feel hungry at night..can i??

midnyte.. my supper tyme.. it's the best tyme to eat, there's nobody to interrupt my eating tyme + i can eat in peace.. i feels like "bujang", self-cooking @ i juz eat wutever leftover food that i can find.. if i need to cook, i prefer to use microwave, simple, easy & fast.. @ maybe, the easiest thing, "maggie"..

how about my drink?? when i am at home, i make it by myself, usually i use cordial n simply pour water without stirring.. (simple).. if i really2 "malas", i juz buy "air kotak" @ " air tin" at bintang, which is a small supermarket and near to my house..

that's me, a person who eat too much.. i spend a lot on food than the other things, which i think, it is ok as compared to "berpoya"... well, u can't live if u didn't eat, so, i eat & eat to keep me alive + to keep me fit,haha..

to write about when i eat, how i eat, how much i actually eat, is it "smpy 3 pinggan nasi", maybe i would take a year..juz know dat, i eat a lot..
"makan untuk hidup, bukan hidup untuk makan"

Sunday, June 7, 2009

tragedi 5 jun

tarikh : 5 jun 2009 - 7 jun 2009
masa : 11 malam (5 jun) - 3 ptg (7 jun)
lokasi : pantai klebang (tak jaoh dr umah)

ak ngan rakan2ku, jawe & lai, on da way g warung, tok lepak2 ngan mkn2 n syisa (ak tak). tyme drive, satu kete wira,cucuk2 ak dr belakang, gaya nk potong, tp payah ar, kt klebang, kete byk. then, suddenly, ader kete nk masuk simpang, then blkg kete tuh,ader motor yg nk belok gak, tp signal takde, lampu brek pn takde. pe agy,brek kecemasan ar..BANG!!kete ak kne langgar dr belakang...(ak tak langgar sesape)

then, ak pn benti tepi. kete ak nyer bumper belakang, kemek skit n masuk dlm. hal keciq ar. but, mamat tuh nyer wira, bumper depan pecah, lampu kiri kanan pecah, radiator pn pecah. cyan mamat tuh..(pegi ar mampos, ko yg langgar ak)...then, igt nk settle bek ar, tp, mamat tuh yg mintak ganti rugi, soh ak bayar..padahal dye yg langgar belakang ak..(ikut law, ak tak salah)..tak nk la bwk g balai, kang agy trok mamat tuh, tp, demand dye tggi lak..

tyme ngah discuss2 tuh, penoh la mmbr dye..kepong kete ak lak tuh..igt ak cuak ke, ak juz nk avoid dr gadoh..tnyer "foreman", nk ganti rugi sumer, around rm300..mmg tak ptt ak bayar (ak pn takde duet + bukan salah ak)..tp,dye pakse gak..sengal nyer mamat..igt besar mner, baru 21, beza 2 thn jerr ngan ak pn..then, dtg "foreman" dye, kate sumer ganti rm500.. nieh yg panas nieh..ak pn pe agy, terpakse call ayah ak..dtg ayah ak,nk jerr bwk g balai, tp, "owg melayu", kite "tlg" bayar an ganti rugi (even bkn salah ak)..sesen pn ak tak mintak..

so,soh dye dtg umah (ayah ak brani jerr klau ko nk settle kat umah), then, exchange number phone ngan mamat tuh..pg sok nyer, dye call ak, soh ak jmpe dye kt bengkel..pe bangang nyerr mamat tuh, dh soh dtg umah klau nk duet..then, dye call ak byk kali, ak tak jwb satu pn, biar panas ati dye..mcm2 num dye gne, ak leyh cam ar, number melaka..klau mmbr, takde yg ak tak save number..then, atas nasihat kwn abg ipar ak (polis), dye soh wat report jerr within 24 hours, atas sebab eksiden n les ala2 ugut. ak pn pe agy, ptg pas kenduri kawin akk ak, ak pn wat report..

ptg ahad, dye dtg, tuntut duet dye..sengal tol, owg dh kate smlm (sabtu) dtg..tnye dye, asal tak dtg smlm??call ak soh jmpe dye lak tuh..alasan, kate nyer keje..tataw umah ktner..weyh,tlg ar, dh dok mlk, area2 klebang gak, takkan tataw taman ak, + dh kate umah yg ngah wat kenduri..soh dtg pg, b4 start, tp tyme tuh la terhegeh2 soh ak dtg g bengkel..bengong ar..kate nyer agy, nk call dlu b4 dtg, yg awal2 call kate soh ak jmpe dye, pe hal lak..mmg sengal..then, ak kate ar, dh wat report..tros dye marah2, kat ak ngan ayah ak..mcm2 la perkataan yg kuar

klau hal cmnieh jdk la an, better bawak g balai tros..owg zaman skang, sumer nk rse dye btol..blaja la undang2 klau nk kne an owg pn..mlm eksiden tuh, seboleh2 kate ak yg salah, kate nyer ak brek emergency, tuh yg dye terlanggar ak..tlg ar skit, dye yg rapat, klau ader range jarak, dh slamat gak dye..spe yg langgar belakang, papepn, dye tetap salah..tlg ar bro, blaja undang2..

Sunday, May 24, 2009


pe tuh t.o.b??terendak old boys...

pe kne mengena ngan mende alah nieh??diowg x-mrsm terendak & men rugby

so,pe ketan ngan ak??ak join team (tuh pn klau dpt)

cmner ak nk join??smlm ader friendly,so,ak men ar..

bleyh ke ak men ngan diowg??hancor,afta 1 year tak men (with opponent)..ak kekok gle,dh la dye soh ak men stand.ak besa men inner..blur2!!!

so,pe jdk kt ak??ak kne sound,haha..dlm padang,wat salah jerr memanjang..dlm kate len(team ak),luar kate len(nk kate coach,maybe r)..ak kick, etc, ader jerr yg tak kne..

npe ak kne sound??sebagai stand,kne conduct back line..line tak deep,ak kne sound..bola tak flow(forward tak nk bg,huhu)..ak follow je ckp diowg(senior la kate an,umo dh 25 ke atas)..

bpe lme ak dpt men??1st half jerr = 2o minit..(bleyh la,jdk la tuh)..bgs gak,ak pn bkn fit mner..

pe yg ak tak puas ati??biar la ak simpan dlm ati,kang ader yg tak puas ati..

konklusinya,ak kne improve style ak men rugby..

Friday, May 22, 2009

highway seremban

tarikh : 22 may 2009
hari ; jumaat
waktu : 10 malam
lokasi : highway seremban
dialog : sudah d ubah suai

*berkata2 dlm hati

abg fendi : eh! best klau kne an nieh
k. fiza : terok nyer budak tuh


tot!!tot!! (bunyi hon yg kuat)

ak : pe2??ap yg kecoh2 nieh??
abg fendi : padan muke ko
k. fiza : knape la ngan budak2 nieh
abg fendi : mai sini ak kne an agy

(bunyi siren polis)
mamat motor tuh pn gelabah. memecut laju, gne lorong kanan dengan tidak memakai helmet (2 owg lak tuh)

ak : tergelak dlm hati
abg fendi : sedap kne an agy nieh

(bunyi siren polis agy)

abis gelabah agy mamat motor tuh..tros bwk g lorong kiri, perlahan an kelajuan diowg & pembonceng nyer meninjau kebelakang, mencari2 kete polis. malang nyer, takde pn kete polis

ak : seyes tergelak abis (smbl simpati kt diowg)
k. fiza : bhy tol diowg nieh..kt highway tak pki helmet, bawak laju lak tuh..
abg fendi : (tergelak) haha..padan muke kowg.. mengelabah ko
ak : masih tergelak (support abis abg fendi)

*kete myvi kepunyaan abg fendi, ader siren polis. seronok d gne kan tok mengenakan mereka2 yg melakukan kesalahan d jalan raya


basket (south zone)

really miss the time at school, especially during basketball season. my dream, when i was still in sbpi selandar, i wanted to go to hksbp kebangsaan, but luck were never for us during that time. even, when i was in form 5 (my final year to play for school), we only managed to go to 3-4 final game, and suprisingly, we win against johor and became 2nd runner up.

now, after 2 year left school, i always want to know the development of my school basketball team. so, i have a short conversation with my junior...

azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:02:49 PM): uit
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:03:06 PM): oit
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:03:19 PM): umah?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:05:31 PM): yup
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:05:35 PM): ble blik
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:05:52 PM): coz skola jdi tuan rumah hksbp
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:06:03 PM): taw2
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:06:07 PM): fateen gtaw
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:06:09 PM): ko tak men?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:06:14 PM): wek
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:06:18 PM): hoki la....
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:06:20 PM): x reti
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:06:25 PM): mner taw ko men ke
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:06:29 PM): basket dh lepas ke?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:06:35 PM): da
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:06:40 PM): klah kat semi
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:06:52 PM): okeyh la tuh
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:07:00 PM): kalah ngan team aner?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:07:15 PM): mozac n sc johor
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:07:21 PM): bkn2...
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:07:25 PM): sakti
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:07:32 PM): mozac smpy aner?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:07:37 PM): n mozac
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:07:43 PM): mozac num 2
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:07:46 PM): pergh
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:07:53 PM): g agy kebangsaan diowg
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:07:54 PM): klah ngan sdar
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:07:59 PM): yup
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:08:10 PM): bile lak kebangsaan?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:08:28 PM): cuti nie la
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:08:46 PM): ktner?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:11:15 PM): ssp
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:11:44 PM): wah
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:11:45 PM): besh2.
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:11:48 PM): skewl girls
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:11:51 PM): sayang ar kowg
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:12:01 PM): tu la pasal
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:12:01 PM): yg zon selatan kt stf an?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:12:08 PM): x ar...
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:12:16 PM): kan da tkar
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:12:20 PM): kat mersing
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:12:22 PM): owh
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:12:23 PM): lpe2
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:12:28 PM): kowg mng bpe game?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:12:36 PM): da la ring die x best
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:12:44 PM): 2
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:13:02 PM): ngn sc johor dgn jempol
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:13:08 PM): gewd2
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:13:11 PM): johor tuh
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:13:19 PM): kat kump klah ngn sdar
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:13:45 PM): ske ak sdar mng
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:13:52 PM): tp,asal mozac gak g final
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:13:54 PM): adeih
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:14:03 PM): 3 n 4 spe?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:14:04 PM): ntah la
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:14:18 PM): dorunk nyer shooting mantap siot
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:14:23 PM): power
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:14:37 PM): sdar pown dorunk hampir beat
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:14:49 PM): tpi ghazali x men kat zon
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:15:07 PM): bpe sdar mng ngan mozac?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:15:34 PM): ntah
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:15:42 PM): last2 mozac down
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:15:52 PM): pmpn lak?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:16:06 PM): bdk dorunk rmai yg graduate
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:16:19 PM): graduate la sgt
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:16:35 PM): pmpn cmner lak?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:17:57 PM): num 4
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:18:05 PM): klah 1 point
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:18:10 PM): ngan spe?
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:18:15 PM): tpi ref buyers
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:18:24 PM): ade stu point x kire
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:18:28 PM): freeshoot
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:18:35 PM): gan sakti
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:18:41 PM): buyers ke bias??
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:18:41 PM): haha
azizi aziz (22/5/2009 11:18:49 PM): 1 n 2 sure stf ngan tkc an
zax caesar (22/5/2009 11:19:30 PM): yup

this was my conversation with my lovely junior via ym..even did not achieve to go to the final,overall,well done to sismerian,..there are still a lot of time to improve & to beat mozac n sdar (boys), stf n tkc (girls)..
really proud of you all..

what team??one team!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

subang, damansara, gombak

ari nieh, mmg terlalu penat. lepas jerr bgn pg (agak lewat skit ari nieh), 7 owg bdk KBU @ JPA (mls nk sebut satu2 name), berserta dua buah biji kete, telah menuju ke ss15, subang jaya, tok join member Zhaf @ Collela tok men rugby. actually, nk ajak agy ramai, tp sumer cm mls jerr.. so, 7 owg jerr la yg follow. mmg pnat, tp, enjoy gak, coz dh lame ak tak men dlm satu team (yg cukop owg), lebih tepat, training. men lak, smpy kol 11, so, taw2 la, betapa terik2 nya matahari tyme tuh. dh makin itam kulit ak nieh, baru nk save tyme exam, putih melepak..

after berpenat lelah bermain, member Zhaf ajak g minum. ak minum 100 plus + 1 sky juice. igt dh cukop, then, smpy jerr kolej, continue mkn tengah ari lak. dh penuh dh perut ak ngan air, coz ak minum teh o' ais + sky juice agy. then, ak g mandi & while waiting for solat Zohor, ak siap an skit keje umah. (thinking about a lot of hw, including app math assigment, ehm)

lepas solat, ak tros memandu kete akak ak yg ak pinjam semalam, menuju ke rumah akak ak. otw, ak lalu jln menuju PWTC dan kt bulatan Pahang, turn left, then, masuk laluan ke gombak. jln kt situ, adeih!!!berlekuk2. ak d inform, jln yg bese gne masuk ke umah akak ak, d tutup wat sementara waktu, coz ader kenduri kawin. so, kne gne jln len. tersesat la plak. lme gak nk crk jln g umah akak ak, dan akhirnya ak smpy gak.

sesampai jerr ak umah akak ak, ayah ak kirim bee hoon. so, ak search satu gombak (area2 yg dkt jerr ar), tp, tak jumpe dlm kawasan kg. so, ak kne kuar jln besar. then, ak berjaya menjumpai satu kedai & tros beli due bee hoon sup. ayah ak makan dengan seleranya berserta pujian. mmg sedap pn, ak try sup dye jerr dlu. lom makan agy till ak type kt blog skang nieh. so, setakat nieh, separuh ari ak pd hari ahad nieh..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

one day off

alangkah bahagianya ak + classmates ak, coz every friday, kami bercuti

dengan ini, ak sudah merancang pelbagai perkara tok wat setiap jumaat dari mlm khamis sekali,weee~

1st, mlm tuh, sure ader movie2 baru,so layan r g gsc ou new wing, tiket mahal takpe, yang penting, 1st 2 watch..
movie2 yg akan d tayang an & ak nk sgt2 tgk :
# G.I. JOE


ak kne save duet more tok tgk sumer citer2 nieh,huhu..mampu kah??afta tgk wyg, if ader mood, study ar takpn mmelayari internet. i think, tdo is better. dh afta midnyte pn bese nyer pas tgk wyg..(i'm totally addicted to movie ryte now)

pagi jumaat lak, afta sembahyang suboh and etc (perkara2 mengemas an diri), ak ngan rakan2 setiaku, g padang KBU, berlari2 mcm owg gila,haha..pe agy, men rugby ar..actually, dh wat dh bulan2 yg lepas, coz, pg jumaat mmg takde kelas, yg beza nye skang, totally, jumaat takde kelas..agy la leyh men lame2 :D

bola yg kami ader tok ditendang2 dan dibaling2 :
~gilbert (ciko beli)
~canterbury (ak ganti tok collela @ zhaf, coz ak ilang an kt A1 centrepoint)

"ryte face me"

tp,ssh nk kumpul owg, dtg kang, approximately 4..dlm istilah math, range dye lebih kurang cmni : 3<5 ( so,mmg bese nyer 4 owg jerr yg lari keliling padang) spe2 yg sudi, marilah join kami yer..

schade :(

petang jumaat, leyh g jln2,haha..klau la ader duet.. ari2 yg berikut nya, yakni ari sabtu dan ahad, lepak bilik sudah, skang kne study more n hw lak makin melambak..nk jln2,ikut mood ar n ikut free @ not..2nd sem, dh la ader yg kate, tougher then 1st sem..huhu

so, nieh la serba sedikit perancangan ak d ujung mggu..ntah jadik @ tak..
datz all!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

demi masa

ak nk sentuh bab disiplin @ please be on time..

ak plg tak ske @ benci mereka2 yg ske melengah2 kan mse dan tak tepat pade mase. klau dh kate 8.30, 30 minit pas tuh baru nk smpy. dh tuh, skit pn tak berkata "maap". mase bukan buleyh di tangguh2. kat bwh nieh, ak selitkan serba sedikit frasa2 yg di kaitkan dengan mse..

"zeit is geld @ time is money"

klau betul mse tuh emas, sure owg tak sanggup lewat2 an sme. tp sayang, emas itu hanyalah 'bayangan'

"demi mase,sesungguhnya manusia dalam kerugian, melainkan yg beriman dan beramal soleh serta yg berpesan2 kepada kebaikan"

bkn semestinyer owg tuh dh ckp beriman, baru nk tepati mase.

dlm pepatah arab "waktu itu seperti pedang, jika kamu tidak memotong nya,dia akan memotong kamu"

cube kowg pk, klau kowg dh terlepas sesuatu, cnth : solat, mmg la bleyh qada', tp kowg puas ke melakukan nyer d waktu yg len. 4 sure terasa rugi. (di nasihatkan kepada diriku juga)

jgn salah gne kate2 nieh :

"better late than never"

jgn salah phm ngan ayat nieh. jike kowg dh usaha tepati mse, tp masih byk halangan yg menimpa, tros & cube gak dan kurang kan kelewatan kowg. bkn dh lmbt, lengah2 an agy

nk ubah persepsi sesetengah owg mengenai kes2 cm nieh. rmi yg kate, klau lambat, tak on time, lewat jerr memanjang, sure owg tuh melayu. no!! no!! no!! bukan sumer owg melayu mcm tuh, cume, akal kite dh di set oleh 'certain' owg, asal lambat n etc, melayu. pengajaran gak kpd owg melayu, kowg jgn la ske wat mende2 nieh. dlm islam pn,tak ske owg yg tak tepati mse.

semoga yg baek, kita jadikan teladan, yg buruk kita tinggalkan. ak pn akan cbe memperbaiki diri ak yg semakin hari semakin leka

"islam is a way of life"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

bangun pagi

bangun jerr pagi, apa yg kowg sumer buat? gosok mata, mengeliat, menguap (tak cukup tdo), pusing satu katil sebab rase semacam tak selesa. pastu, kowg yg agak2 "rajin", bangun jugak, kerana tanggungjawab sebagai seorang muslim & muslimah. solat subuh, bese nyer, dh ujung2 waktu. kemudian, kowg pegi toilet, jarak nyer hanya lbh kurang 10 kaki dr katil kowg. pada yang menjaga kebersihan, gosok gigi, cuci muka, selesa an badan kowg (phm2 la) dan kemudian berwudu'. pastu, dengan mata yg masih "stim" (mgkn tak semua), kowg bentang an sejadah, dan mengangkat takbir "ALLAHUAKBAR". dlm tempoh 3-5 minit, selesai kowg menunaikan solat. ader yg masih mamai2, mencari katil, baring dan tros melelapkan mata. yg agak2 dh cukop tdo, tros membaca al-Quran @ menelaah buku2 teks @ pape yg kowg rse kowg nk wat.

motifnyer ak tulis nieh, ak tak nk kowg rse susah semacam mner pn tok bgn suboh & menunaikan solat. yg mamai2 pn, mampu menunaikan solat suboh. jgn jdk kan alasan tdo lmbt tok tak dpt bgn suboh.rugi klau meninggalkan solat2 fardu & terutamanya suboh. semoga, islam merupakan cara idop kite, "a way of life"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my blog title


i have change my blog title due to some reasons..probably,this new title will be my official blog title "4eva & eva" do enjoy reading my blog even it is not so interesting. i will do my best to write short story @ article @ diary @ etc. this is just the way that i can share my story to everbody who willing to spend their time to read this so called "happening" blog.

danke fuer ihre aufmerksamskeit!!

glory man u

semi final champions league

man U 3 - 1 arsenal

glory-glory man United

Thursday, April 30, 2009


mmgu yg ckp tertekan,tension & memenat an..


after that


balik2, HOMEWORK (ok2 la )

bile la nk CUTI?????????????????????

kepala dh pusing2 nieh...

nk tgk WAYANG

FULUS lak takde :(

+ takde yg meneman an,huhu

conlusion : dok diam & TIDO

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

all blacks

all blacks totally superb.. i like + love to play rugby..

"rugby is a tough game, played by gentleman"

ladies!!back up,haha..u can try, if u wanna :D

Monday, April 13, 2009

back 2 school

ex-sismerian 03'-07'

date : 10-11 april
time : from 11p.m. on 10th april till 6.30p.m on 11th april

activities :

~ went back home with my sister and her future husband with his grey myvi..
it takes about 4 hours from my college, fetch my future brother-in-law,
through the traffic jam in kl and straight 2 malacca

~ fetched my friends at Malacca Central around 10.30 o'clock in the night in 10th april 2009
went straight 2 skewl and arrived around 11.15p.m.

~ fetched another 2 friends at tampin by using my sister car
the road were totally dark
so, most of the time "tawakal and yakin an diri"

~ slept around 3a.m

~ woke up early (5.40a.m)
chegu baha kejut gne tongkat lame dye, mendebar an ati :D
solat and have breakfast

~ we met pengetua at his room to tell the purpose of the program
we also met our teachers and have a long chit chat
most important was "amik sijil SPM"

~ around 11.00p.m we went to malacca to sent on of our friend
girls ate at secret recipe whereas me n Nazif ate at food court..
(lelaki berjimat :D)

~ the program start at 3p.m.
we talked about our program / foundation and the college where
we are now
took about 2 hours..
the participants were form 5..
purpose are to expose to all form 5 about what will
they take after graduate from school

~ at the evening, played basket for a short time with skewl team
"bakat lme masih ader" :D

~ 6.30p.m. went back home

buapak is presenting his presentation

en. karim bin bayok


form 5-sismerian 09'

at "pengetua" room


chegu malita & basketball team

fatin,aida,enoi,fatin ain

with form 1 @ sisme