Thursday, September 10, 2009

a long walk

it was not an arranged "DATE" (uiii,sounds MENGGELIKAN) and only took a few hours of plan before we went out together...PAV & KLCC

the things that totally surprised me was that she's to small (dye sgt la CUMEYL @ KECIQ), like NENEK at CP..her shoe's size is 4 and i guest her clothes might be XXS,maybe!!!

could not take the front pix :(

then,i bought her a huge WAFFLE..but,she didn't eat it, it just me..

we walked and kept walking, searching for shoes (for me & her) + pants....but it seems like, nothing fit me well..:( except for her =p

kurang asam,ak semangat mencari!!!

she's great, and we talked like we already knew each other for such a long time (yeah,through cyber world)

AND it was like the happiest day in my life (coz i simply be me & myself)
poyo tol ayat aku nieh :D


we're just FRIEND..haha
so,don't think MEREPEK-REPEK!!!

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