Saturday, July 25, 2009

saturday morning

i woke up late around 7.20 a.m. b'coz last nyte i spent for about 2 hours at mcd juz to get a better connection...(wi-fi at CP sucks)

then, straight away went to SOLAT and terpakse qada' ( haiya, i always need to qada' SUBOH lately)..someone must help me to wake me up early..

after that, siap2 and packing my beg..walk alone to "padang bola KBU" b'coz i taught everyone have reached there..when i arrived, it juz me, standing alone on that field...

while waiting for others, i listened to one song..the song entitle "mahkota" and the singer is "meet uncle hussein".. i got it from sue..quiet nice...

then, when others have arrived, we started to play rugby..learn about tactical and some basic steps and rules of rugby taught by "sifu ayadi" and his friend "sifu quack" and "quack", sorry, i didn't know his real name...

but, something make my mood bad and also make me feels "menyirap"..try "la" to wake up early in the morning and don't be so lazy to come to the field early without being called so many times until somebody totally "menyirap"..

ok, maybe juz dat all..all and all, everything was a normal things dat i done every saturday morning..(maybe juz only for another week, then, it may change, depends on "keinginan ak"..tschuess!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

keysah dlu2

keciq2 dlu, around 5-6 thn,aku d letak an d taman kanak-kanak @ kindergarten..(hang sedar tak,kindergarten??) deutsch...haha..

kindergarten tuh,kini berada d styewangse dan lebih tepat sekali, sudah bertapak di atas tanah umah lame ak..(sedeyh seyh,meninggal an rumah kt styewangse)...

kt kindergarten tuh, kenangan plg pahit, ak telah membuatkan seorang "sahabat" ak jatuh tangga, dan di jahit dagunye..(ak rse,lebih kurang,8 jahitan owt,ntah ar)..

ak rse,nieh la sejarah ak mencederakan owg plg terok..kesian budak,ak tak kne marah,owg kate,darah mude agy,haha...selamat2..

citer lame,kadang2 membuat an kite tersenyum seketika..meredakan rase reseah kelisah bila dh besar2 nieh,byk prob more idea agy,so,tata....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009




berita buruk??

ah,pegi mati suma itu..

makan pn agy sedap...

Friday, July 10, 2009


lepaq?wuts dat? bunyi cam pelik, tp hati mne yg tak nak tahu mende2 baru, so, redah jerr dats, it's juz a place for "lepak" and be entertained by "mereka2 yg ader voice menarik"..ok2 la, da place is quite nice, but totally out of my,tak salah wat, sekali sekala try mende2 baru..b4 dat, dinner kt mamak bistro..erk!!mus, zhaf (aus) , aya n others, ak tarak sukak ngan nasi goreng ala2 bubur2 tuh!!!!!

k,bout da performance, only two dat a i like, da 1st one was by "abg anis", hilmy..even, lagu last from oasis, ader lupe lyric jap,'s normal la..2nd one was da performance from "farah saad" (donno anything bout her)..juz 4 da reason dat, almost all her "own" songs, made for dumm..including satu tajuk lagu "bodoh" yg mmg wat org rase "bodoh"..

after dat, lepak2 kat tmn bu6 jap ngan si dye while waiting 4 atiqah yg nk lepak2 ngan eva n anis jap..surprisingly, zhaf (germ) pn ader kt situ..cheh, kaco line ar mamat tuh.. somehow, i was down 4 a lil' while, but yet, i had overcome it,by talking "nonsense"...then, dan2 jerr tiqah tak nk blk agy,so ak kne amik pg nieh..

now, i'm still waiting for her call..ak bangun awal ari nieh, demi cik atiqah,haha..

Friday, July 3, 2009

kembali menulis

dh agak lame ak tak blogging..semenjak due menjak nieh,idea ssh nk dtg..dh puas otak memikir an nyer, still, blank..kadang2 tuh,dtg gak idea, but then,bkk jerr blog, again, blank..agak sengal gak ar..

anyway, this week, at least, ak dpt express an feeling ak kt somebody,tp agak shy2 gak ar..haha..nk kate happy, not yet, coz tataw agy respon dr si dia..ngah menanti agy..rmi yg dh bleyh agak spe owg nyer,haha

ujung mggu, as usual, d penuh an mse ngan mende2 lagha (hw??sowie ar,wa tak rajin ar wt hw)..lepak2 tgk tv,mkn2 kt al-safa kol 3 gak ar movie kt tv3 smlm, citer lme, but, menarik ar..based on comic...tgk rmi2 lak tuh..yg mkn 3 pg,coz tak dpt tdo + lapa bangat seyh..

but the time ak menaip2 nieh, ak ngah bce english..klau kowg taw la,english hampeh nk mampos..dlm proses meng"improve", at least, pass la for ausmat nieh..keyh, continue doing my work..nk citer psl deutsche schule, but i'm waiting some photo from shun ling..later