Tuesday, April 27, 2010

just another tough day

it was not a bright day for you, not as good as you taught, somehow, it's even worse. everything that happened today making you more depressing..

you won't realise that you have done something stupid till you wake up from your dream. you taught that you make a good conversation, but then, you noticed that, you have no idea what you are talking about.

what happened?

you blur, you didn't have words to say, you out of topic, and the worst was, you talked about something that others don't like, an at the end, they didn't wanna talk with you anymore, and they will find an excuse to avoid another long conversation with you.

what should you do?

you need to change, the way you think (think before you talk), you need to know what others like, more important, you need to know what are you talking about (jangan putar-putar belit)

you are not silly, you can speak, but you're shy, you afraid that you will make mistake, you afraid of what the reaction will be, the consequences + you don't even believe in yourself.

please change yourself, for your own good...............................................

Saturday, April 24, 2010

old & new

some might say : "dah macam lidah buaya"
others : "ko pakai ke ko gigit kasut tuh??"
few : "gheti tak gheti jage kasut nieh!!"

answer to those questions : "yang hangpa suma nak sebok knapa,mende mau jdk,trime jerr la hakikat,adeih"

type : leisure shoes
brand : dr. cardin
price : RM 100,00
color : white/brown
size : US (10.5)
shope : dr. cardin / 1U

the last time i wear these shoes (look picture above), when i was playing football with my friends at Meeresfeld. i knew that it will be broken, but i didn't aspect that it can be worst like this (picture)..

as a replacement :

i tried to find AND1 brand shoes here (basketball shoes),but it seems impossible. i guess,that type of brand can be only found in Malaysia (Malaysia agy maju,sumer brand ade)..

then, after 'jalan dari hujung hingga ke hujung Schildergasse @ Hohestra├če @ Neumarkt", i found a pair of shoes, which really caught my eyes..(look picture below)

type : sport / running shoes
brand : nike
price : EUR 40,00
color : white
size : US (10.5)
shop : Deichman,Neumarkt

it took me about half an hour to decide the design of the shoes (i tried 3 different types of shoes, two of them were Adidas and 1 was these)..then,another 15 minutes to get the right size..

it took me so long to decide,which one that i like,that even the workers there seems boring to look at me (malas nak layan kerenah ak,coz dok asyik tanyer size ngan kasut2 berlainan jenis)


on that day,i also learned a new germans word at the counter,
der Karton : shoes box

ehm,i guess, i've no more words to type,so, till then.......

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


You were the one,
That brings hope in my life,
The one,
That changes darkness to happiness,
The one,
That spirit me up when i was down,
The one,
That changes hates to love.
You were the one,
That picks me up when i fall,
The one,
That shows no sense of giving up,
The one,
That will not lie to me,
The one,
That will always by my side when i was alone.
You were the one,
That care about me,
The one,
The only one, which i would say the greatest friend i ever had.

Now you have gone forever,
Left me alone in this dark world.

It's time. TIME!!
The one, that was too envy,
The one, that took you from me,
The one, that makes my life full of emptiness,
Loneliness, i feel.

I know, life is just something that we borrow,
Somethins that will not last forever,
Something that will not be immortal,
It's just a matter of, when and how,
it will be taken back.

Even you were no more here,
Remember that,
The only ship that will not be sink,
The only ship that will not break,
The only ship that will not be burned,

*i copied it from another blog of mine, which i had deleted it. this poem i wrote it by myself and recited it in front of the class. it was one of the assignment during AUSMAT course at KBU International College..with this poem, i managed to go through 2nd stage, which i need to recite in front of the other classes in lecture theater, unfortunately, i've lost..btw,this poem does not mean, i've lost my friends, i did not,it's just a poem..

Monday, April 12, 2010


we are not fantastic 4, we are not the incredible, we are not HEROES, we are not MutANt @ x-men, we are juz normal persons, that were gifted with some kind of specialities dat make us different from the others..

ciko @ dol :

specialities : can dance 24 hours, 7 weeks, 12 months and 365 days (non-stop)
+++ : can learn and speak any language in this world fluently juz a few months..

pejal @ wat :
specialities : looks cool most of da tyme, but when it is tyme, he can be da most "gelabah" men in the world..
+++ : he learn to play guitar since high school, one of da best guitarist in LONGERICH

zhaf @ gi :
specialities : ability to break anything such as metal with juz one bite..one thing he can't break, cigarettes..
+++ : the happiest guy in this world & easy to make friends..

mu'adz @ rus :
specialities : due to his body size, he can make himself disappear in juz a moment, most likely behind a pole
+++ : a good football player and cooker / skilled in making 3D objects...

hakeem @ dok :
specialities : he has the superpower of devil, and a really gewd friend of HELLBOY
+++ : a really kewl guy with a big skills of survival / challenging person / have a lot of brilliant idea inside his head (due to two horns,perhaps)

me (azizi) @ gor :
specialities : can change to "mammals" form at anytime, thus makes me able to speak in different language that has never been used by human
+++ : well-organized person (can check my room) and love to take photos

nabeyl @ diva :

specialities : ability to absord supersonic @ ultrasonic frequency..his special part can be used as satellite to get a clear channel of tv
+++ : up to date person, fashionable & really gewd in writing a blog..should read his blog

waniey @ wanoy : she's da new member of our so called "supernatural" team
specialities : evil laugh!!her laugh can make the world explode (juz an exaggeration)..nachos with cheese!!!
+++ : kewl and kind of a good photographer

p/s : hope u guyz don't take it seriously :D