Friday, January 30, 2009


syikin, ciko, azizi, ng, nabeyl, mu'adz, collela
ina, shun ling, zul, Herr Lambert, alfred, kamarul, edwin
pejal, hakeem, darwin, goh, chang win, rumitha

~ anas ~

at the centre of the pix is Herr Lambert @ Rudiger Lambert
former german lecturer, working for CDC
teached us for about 3 months when we were in intensive german course
now, his is about 70 years old
live in Austria, but he is german

(anas has drop out the course,shade :()
.......there is just 19 peoples left.......

our german intensive course started on the 3rd july 2008
we begin our course teached by Herr Lambert
he was a funny & happy go lucky lecturer
but sometimes he looks like a "monster",haha
we just learn da basics of german language together with german culture
and!!! we learn to complete our "homework" :D

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


it's time to go back home @ college. by taking delima which is a type of bus with 44 seaters (i guess) it will take about 3 hours journey to kl if there is no traffic jam + smooth road at highway PLUS. then, i will take LRT to kelana jaya from pasar seni, and that will tak about 30 minutes. hopefully, the bus will pass through pasar seni station so that i will not waste my energy juz to walk from puduraya to pasar seni station. at kelana jaya, probably, i will call my fwenz and fetch me using "my" motorcycle @ superbike (hope so),haha. but, if he really2 "pemalas", then i should take another alternative way, taxi. ah!!surely it will be more expensive than using own tranport. who care, i just hope, i arrive to my college safely. btw, this is da 2nd time that i will use bus to go back to college, as the time before, i usually travel between melaka & kl using car, which is my sister car @ sometimes with my parents. pray for my journey :D

Monday, January 26, 2009

holiday but not holiday

plenty of homeworks were given to me and my classmates..there are 6 of it, 1 done, 5 more 2 go...please please please gg, complete it by this weekend...don't be so lazy, don't sleep too much, don't watch movie too long (esp prison break)...

Friday, January 16, 2009

my teacher

name : misz quake
status : married (haha,melepas!!)
i took diz pix during spm 08' n it was the last class for us (al-razi n edison) with misz quake before we taken bio exam on monday
she is lovely person, nice, caring n etc (yg bek,takde yg jahat2) :D

bio book : i'm used to love diz book,but not now,haha..
lpe an bio,tumpu an fizik n chemist
i wonder where is my book?i can't find it at home
sumone must have taken it (dengki ar tak nk kasik ak study bio agy)

misz quake look so thin, short person (i'm too tall for her)
i hope i can meet her again, i really misz her!!
haha,windu chegu melebih2 lak,keyh2 :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

my new blog

visit my new blog :D

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

new days

hey guyz..
actually, no idea to write..
juz baing happy, having a new lessons diz year compared to the last year..
unfortunately, more subject to be taken..
lots of assignment will be given and even lots of test...
so, diz year, need more effort and must not be lazy...


my friends have changes a lot, they even being more "bookworm"..
hey!!gewd la, rather than u juz wasting ur tyme, open ur "mespes" & etc..
playing "cs" or even "PES"..
da best among da best ; they even go to "masjid' regularly (almost all time of Solat)..
so do i..:D
and we hope, we can keep it up till the end of diz year..
in germany...
or even till we all die..

insyaAllah, God willing, wenn Gott will...

da most important things, i will continue to improve my english..
not to forget, german language @ deutsch..
and to get high score for ; calculus, app math, chemist and physics..
and pass AUSMAT exam and to step our foot in germany..

that's all for now..

*haha, all my classmates will gonna have their own blog, because Miss Chan told them to make a blog themselves, so she can check it every month..:D