Wednesday, January 7, 2009

new days

hey guyz..
actually, no idea to write..
juz baing happy, having a new lessons diz year compared to the last year..
unfortunately, more subject to be taken..
lots of assignment will be given and even lots of test...
so, diz year, need more effort and must not be lazy...


my friends have changes a lot, they even being more "bookworm"..
hey!!gewd la, rather than u juz wasting ur tyme, open ur "mespes" & etc..
playing "cs" or even "PES"..
da best among da best ; they even go to "masjid' regularly (almost all time of Solat)..
so do i..:D
and we hope, we can keep it up till the end of diz year..
in germany...
or even till we all die..

insyaAllah, God willing, wenn Gott will...

da most important things, i will continue to improve my english..
not to forget, german language @ deutsch..
and to get high score for ; calculus, app math, chemist and physics..
and pass AUSMAT exam and to step our foot in germany..

that's all for now..

*haha, all my classmates will gonna have their own blog, because Miss Chan told them to make a blog themselves, so she can check it every month..:D


.::annemishi::. said... derreck pon sroh wat blog~ haha..

AIsyAh mAsmIrA =p said...

so,dis blog pown atas arahan lecturer gkz ke??
dat s gud loh if de changes towards smth +ve...
sje je tmpg lalu....
neway,all d besh in ya study n_n