Friday, January 16, 2009

my teacher

name : misz quake
status : married (haha,melepas!!)
i took diz pix during spm 08' n it was the last class for us (al-razi n edison) with misz quake before we taken bio exam on monday
she is lovely person, nice, caring n etc (yg bek,takde yg jahat2) :D

bio book : i'm used to love diz book,but not now,haha..
lpe an bio,tumpu an fizik n chemist
i wonder where is my book?i can't find it at home
sumone must have taken it (dengki ar tak nk kasik ak study bio agy)

misz quake look so thin, short person (i'm too tall for her)
i hope i can meet her again, i really misz her!!
haha,windu chegu melebih2 lak,keyh2 :D

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