Friday, September 25, 2009

seminggu beraya


ahad :

raye kt rumah, raye rumah jiran, blk kg (balik hari jerr), beraya dengan sdare mare, main mercun & tgk Man U vs Man C

isnin :

beraya kt rumah mertua akak aku yang no. 2 kt masjid tanah

selasa :

raya rumah burn, rumah poe, rumah congkak (bagaikan resort), rumah wandan, rumah bazila, rumah wandol & rumah jalal


rabu :

penuhkan mase dgn tdo, malam lak syafiq alza, nizam n bob dtg beraya, then tgk wyg, jamming n lastly, tgk bola (Man U vs Hull)

khamis :

beraya rumah munir, kg nazif kt brisu, rumah burn, rumah aspa (open haus), rumah syak & rumah nizam..mlm, paiz keciq smpy umah aku, anta aspa balik, g funfair ngan nizam n paiz keciq..dpt la satu hadiah..



jumaat :

dr pg ke petang tdo, takde la misz solat jumaat...


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


i've already learned about 4 languages, not to include BABY LANGUAGES cuz i don't think a normal (ADULT) people can understand it..

1st, my mother tongue, BAHASA MELAYU, which i always use for my daily conversation..2nd, english, i only use it sometimes, on SPECIAL occasion..then, the 3rd one is arab, which is the hardest language i ever learned, but, it's really2 BERSENI..after that, GERMAN, i started learn german at secondary school, and it's quite similar to english, so not so hard to learn...

from all the languages i have learned, the one that i really like is ARAB, coz it is AL=QURAN's language, followed by malay (of coz, my mother tongue), then german and lastly, english (really don't like english)..

(i have no idea, juz wanna write something + to improve my ENGLISH)..btw, TEE is juz around da corner, and oral!!!next week start,fuhh!!wutever it is, may ALLAH bless us all in our journey on this EARTH...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

dodol time

teacher :
if u are given a choice, which 1 you choose :

1. kupas BAWANG : it clean ur eyes without using EYEMO
2. bakar LEMANG : teach u how to survive, if are in a jungle
3. kakau DODOL : build ur muscle (triceps and biceps)

a smart student :
me me, i wanna answer..i choose to kacau's FUN and i wanna be tough like MR AZIZI...yuhu!!!

short history of DODOL :
it was said dat, one day, 1 malay guyz saw 1 white guyz, chewing something inside his mouth..then, he threw it away after a while..dat malay guyz was shocked, b'coz he never saw somebody threw away their food after KUNYAH it..then, suddenly, idea came to his mind..he made something like CHEWING GUM but it is much better to TELAN rather than throw it away..and it is now known as DODOL...

we are SPARTAN!!

sabri is just showing OFF,haha :p
"eh,ader awek la belakang tuh sabri,usha2 ar :D"

hakeem, it is not about how STRONG u are, it is about how CALM @ TENANG u are
so,don't push so hard..juz RELAX

PEKAT dh tuh..

DODOL taste so good,sedap DIKUNYAH sehingga MENJILAT JARI

but, in the end, i didn't go to the MAJLIS BERBUAKA PUASA dat night, b'coz i prefer to BERBUKA PUASA with my BUDDIES / OLD SKEWL FRIENDS

later, i will write about our small REUNION @ ALAMANDA b'coz i wanna collect 1st all da pix we took together during dat time..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

feeling empty

never taught i will wearing this kind of cloth, HOODIES..yeah!!it looks nice, but i can't afford it..and even if i bought it,it is not worthy, coz i might wearing it KEJAP-KEJAP...

my new belt..i taught it was RM18 ++ but then, when it was time to PAY, i simply2 took another one, which i look it NICER, and it cos more..RM21 ++..SHIT

juz trying this kind of so called GAY shirt..haha, it's really makes me look GAY..and i'm not covering my STOMACH!!!!

texting!!zul, new bag ka??sorry la,i crop it, coz it doesn't fit this pix well =p

a long walk

it was not an arranged "DATE" (uiii,sounds MENGGELIKAN) and only took a few hours of plan before we went out together...PAV & KLCC

the things that totally surprised me was that she's to small (dye sgt la CUMEYL @ KECIQ), like NENEK at CP..her shoe's size is 4 and i guest her clothes might be XXS,maybe!!!

could not take the front pix :(

then,i bought her a huge WAFFLE..but,she didn't eat it, it just me..

we walked and kept walking, searching for shoes (for me & her) + pants....but it seems like, nothing fit me well..:( except for her =p

kurang asam,ak semangat mencari!!!

she's great, and we talked like we already knew each other for such a long time (yeah,through cyber world)

AND it was like the happiest day in my life (coz i simply be me & myself)
poyo tol ayat aku nieh :D


we're just FRIEND..haha
so,don't think MEREPEK-REPEK!!!