Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ein neues Leben als Student in der Hochschule Zeit

hello there,

the new life has just begin..after 2 years of tiring preparation, required a lot of ''energy'' mental & physical endurance , i'm now entering the life of university student, or auf deutsch :

''ein neues Leben als Student in der Hochschule Zeit''

as a Maschinenbau Student / Mecha Engin. Student, ++ as the 1st Semester Student, i will learn 6 subjects, which most of it (so far that i know, after a week and 3 days of lecture) i have learned it since primary school. therefore, i could call this few weeks of lecture as a revision class to me, which i think very very / nomu nomu GUT.

so, these are the list of my subject for 1st Semester :

  1. Mathematik 1
  2. Physik 1
  3. Fertigungsverfahren (manufacturin process)
  4. Konstruktion 1 (TZ / Technical Drawing)
  5. Statik
  6. Werkstoffkunde (material science)
okey, for maths and physics + statik, i still can manage to understand what the lecture is talking about at the front, although some words i haven't heard or i don't remember or slighty to understand due to pronounciation. but, there's always a ''butt''

but, for the three other subjects, humphhhh..learn more deutsch and be friended with germans, listen to germans radio oder einfach höre Musik. wahhhhh!!! i feel like my deutsch (which already C1, if i'm not mistaken) so broken. i hardly understand what the lecturer said, especially Konstruktion 1. as my opinion, the lecture might think that all his students are germans, so he speaks as fast as ''lightning''.


but hey!!what am i supposed to do??blame the lecture??blame myself lah..haiya!!everyday and everytime (poyo), i spend my time checking for the translation of every word that i dont't know or never heard or already heard, but forgotten..

nevertheless, studying in Hochschule Rhein-Main, Campus Rüsselsheim (hey, it's a fact, that my hostel is just at the corner of my university, and it only take a minute to reach my class) is something that really make my life become, erkkkk, merely complete (my dream to study in germany, now my dream have comes true) for merely complete, there are still a lot of things to be completed..

so far, i'm happy to study here, to live here in Rüsselsheim, although studying in germany is not as easy as i 5 years later (insyaAllah, withoud extend and complete study with bach. degree & master), i will return back to my home country, Malaysia, cause I'm still Malaysian, and always be a Malaysian and threrefore, i will continue to serve my country ;)

that's all for now =)

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