Monday, November 29, 2010

snow / 26th Nov 2010

pokok2 berdaunkan dedaunan putih

looks cold isn't it..i'm freezing out there..
before winter came, i prepared myself, bought winter clothes, leather shoes and etc..
and i hope that, all the money i spent, will be worthwile..

*gila spent duit tak ingat dunia*

Hochschule Rhein-Main is also covered by snow..



pictures (*1 & *2) were taken from my room's window during the 1st day it snowed..
after 9 months waiting for winter and snow, at last, it came on the 26th Nov 2010..
it was early though,normally (i heard form my seniors),
it snowing at the end of December / December..
hmphhh,who knows,this year might be colder than the past few years..

*sepanjang / setakat / selama aku berada di germany, salji kali nieh turun ngan lebat, n tebal2 lak tuh..nieh yg wat aku bertambah semangat nak men skiii ;)*


Thursday, November 25, 2010

jack wolfskin cap with ear protector

jack wolfskin's cap..i bought it at karstadt at nordwestzentrum, frankfurt..
fall in love the 1st time i saw it, bought without many thoughts,huhu

what so special about this cap, it has ear protector, really useful during winter / snowing months..i juz found it in 1 colour, which is black..