Friday, March 4, 2011

not a great night

this is a true happened last two nights when i was at my friend's room, having dinner of döner and grilled chicken. kamil was the one who cooked,well done..

'pas nieh, bleyh ar kamil wat part tyme job, keje kat Thai Fun pn jadik ar'

the story is not about our late dinner, it is about something else, something 

'yang buatkan hati rasa panas, rasa nak hentam2 meja, darah pun naik jerr, coz geram sangat dengan sowg mamat arab,'

acting like he is the owner of the hostel, like he is the only one who can get angry to, blames other though there was no one's mistakes..

wokeyh, story dye cenggini..mlm baru pulang dari Spain, we ate dinner at Faris room, served with döner that we bought at Bahnhof and grilled chicken prepared by our new chef, Kamil. bla bla bla bla..juz a normal dinner, ate, laughed, bla bla bla..after dinner, some left early as there was a match between Barca and Valencia, and Barca had won the game..

now come to the climax.there was a knocked at the door, and Faris opened it. the conversation between Faris and mysterious guyz (maybe a woman, juz my thought) took quite a long time. after 10 minutes (i guess), i decided to go back to my the door, i saw this one 'pak arab', lecturing Faris about the rules of hostel, like cannot make noise after 10p.m. (and he also told us to read the contract)..

but that was not the problem. the problem is, Faris was scolded of being too loud while WALKING THROUGH THE FLOOR and while CLOSING THE DOOR..what kind of person get angry because of it annoying??common lah, you live in a hostel, it's not your house,F__k!!!in addition, Faris was not at the room for almost two weeks, what the heck should he get angry,IDIOT!!!

i wanted to get involved to, but as you know, they speak auf DEUTSCH, so it's not easy to interrupt..if only i can speak fluent DEUTSCH, know all the Schimpf Wörter..stupid big arab's man, he thinks that he is so big, he can do what ever he wanted to, blah la lu mamat!!!!

it happened not just once, my other friends to, Umar and Kurik were scolded to, same reason..and i heard that, there was a fight between them, like 3 weeks ago..Kurik siap kne cekik, tarik keluar bilik, damn crazy man!!!

i think i'm gonna stop writing now, if not, more Schimpf Wörter would come out..daa

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