Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ada apa dgn new year??

selamat sejahtera!!

ak smbut new year,kt dpn laptop merah hitam berjenama FTEC ak nieh,dgn menonton wayang TRASNPORTER 3 yg ak beli kt kedai yg dvd tuh d label sbgai cetak rompak..nk beli ori,tak kuar agy n 4 sure r mahal..tgk nyer skali..

tyme tgk TRANSPORTER 3,ak msg2 ar ngan sowg minah @ kwn jaoh ak yg tak pnh2 jmpe..dh 2 thn owt kwn ngan dye nieh..msg pnye msg,dh msk new year dan dye la owg pertama wish ak eppi new year..ader gak mmbr2 len wish,so,thanx very much..

ak tak ske sambut new year kt luar kat tmpt2 owg letup2 an MERCUN,bek dok umah..jimat,tak bazir duet(maybe calling2 owg besh r,free till 11.59 p.m. 1 januari 2009) n elak maksiat..coz,4 sure crowded ngan manusia berlainan jantina..nk2,leyh pengsan coz maybe tak ckp oksigen,agak r an..

tp,ak tak nk eppi2 sgt,coz,ak terpk,nk smbut new year,gile pnyer ske,smbut awal muharam ataw new year hijrah,pnyer la sunyi sepi..mmg ptt pn,kne byk an ibadat..juz nk gtaw n igt an,klau kita ikut budaya seswatu agama,kita tergolong dlm agam tuh..mcm kes new year la(byk agy kes2 len,but,dh dunie nieh "terbalik"),tak yah over2 ngan new year masihi nieh..makin tahun baru,makin pendek umo kite,haha..

azam ak kt blog,bulan jan 2009,ak nk citer juz bout my ex-skewl,SBPI SELANDAR yg byk meninggalkan kenangan manis & pahit kt,kowg tggu la post2 ak nnty psl skewl ak..ak wat sesimple yg mgkn,over2 kang,bkn kowg bce tol2 pn..

*maybe,by da tyme post nieh d "post" an,lom msk 1 jan 2009,tp kt m'sia dh msk new year 2009..

till then!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

my result


ari nieh,result PMR,bkn ak yg terlibat ar..adeq sdare ak,yg ak belom tnyer,ak baru jerr dpt taw result IELTS ak..dh byk kali call,baru dpt ari nieh..result ak,tak la gempakz pn,takat pass tahap minimum..ak dpt 6.5..syukur alhamdulillah..

ak terigt,tyme abis final exam,ak tak smpy pn band 5..tyme parents teachers meeting,Mrs Lee kate,klau 6 tuh,ader harapan la..ssh ak nk dpt 6.5..klau dpt pn,LUCK..ak rse,ak pn mmg luck ar..thanx gak kt Mrs Lee yg bg comment yg mmg naek an semangat ak..tak lpe gak Madam Yong yg besh giler..

well,tahniah @ congratez kt mmbr2 ak @ KBU..kite continue journey kite menempuh AUSMAT plak..insyaAllah,sume2 (KBU @ Aussie/NZ/German) dpt fly thn 2010..sme2 kite nek an nme MALAYSIA..


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The 100

i just want to introduce (some might know it) a book and i think this book is really interesting.i also didn't yet finish to read the whole book, but i 'm so curious to write about it in this "wonderful" blog. therefore, i just list the top 10 persons for now.

here are some information about the book :-

title : The 100 - A Ranking Of The Most Influential Persons In History

written by : Michael H. Hart

total pages : 533

* this book is in english, but, i heard from my father, it is also have been published in malay version which for "Melayu" easy to read.

the top 10 are :-
  1. Muhammad S.A.W
  2. Issac Newton
  3. Jesus Christ
  4. Buddha
  5. Confucious
  6. St. Paul
  7. Ts ai Lun
  8. Johann Gutenberg
  9. Christopher Columbus
  10. Albert Einstein
i will write more about these 10 persons in another "post" after i have done read all about those persons, especially our prophet, Muhammad S.A.W.

Monday, December 22, 2008

money @ geld


keciq2 dlu,ak selalu impikan menjadi owg yg kaye,yg berduet,yg berharte & bile nk sumthing,petik jari,sumer dpt.kire,idop ak amat & terlalu la sng.nuthing is impossible 4 me in diz,sumer tuh,hanyala impian semate2,berkemungkinan menjadi realiti.

ader yg kate,seswatu kejayaan tuh perlu dimulakan dengan impian dan,sejaoh mner bende tuh menjadi satu perangsang kepada kejayaan seseorang?mungkin pade sesetengah owg yg mempunyai keinginan yg tggi,impian dye mampu menjadi kenyataan,tp cmner pula dgn owg yang harap angan2 dye menjadi kenyataan,tp tak berusaha sikit pn.dok lepak,goyang kaki,tanam anggur.

drpd ak terpesong dr ap yg ak nk smpy an,ak tak nk tulis mende2 ngarut.klau tgk citer2 skang,mostly it is between richer & poorer.selame yg ak tak tv,mmg byk citer2 cmtuh.owg kaye,gne an kekayaan dye & tindas owg miskin sewenang-wenang nyer.coz,diowg rse,diowg la mcm TUHAN kt muka bumi nieh,bile tgk owg miskin makin terseksa,diowg eppy.(ader skit owt kaitan ngan citer HANA YORI DANGO).owg kaye lak,bile dye nk sumthing tuh,sure dpt n bile dye nk raih sumthing,sure dpt.sng citer,dpt la sumer.coz of wut?MONEY

da main story,ak nk citer kt sinih.ak citer stakat yg ak taw.owg yg ak nk citer an nieh,ader la relation ngan ak.she used to be "poor",but b'coz of her "eagerness,hardworking passionate"(tataw la adjective yg ak gne nieh btol ke tak),she now live in a wealthy life.mmg umah besar,kete merc tuh(ak g german nnty,ak beli la satu),mmg la more than 1 la.idop sng,tp ske nk nyusah an idop owg.smpy ade yg bergadoh,sum never talk for a long long tyme.

sumtimes,she looks like a nice person.layan certain2 owg,ngan baek sgt2.ak plg tak suke bab nieh.ak taw dye kaye,but i never ask even "sesen" from her.but others,diowg ske tdo kt umah dye,go shopping with her,ap yg diowg nk,diowg dpt.mcm menagih harte owg,padahal,owg tuh juz nk dpt SUPPORT dr dye jerr.i know she have large amount of FULUS.but,wut money can do HEREAFTER.

tyme jmpe,ak slalu jerr wat2 tak nmpk.bese,adat MELAYU,jmpe owg yg agy tue,kite SALAM,CIUM n,ak slalu wat bile dye yg prsn ak.ikhlas ke ak bile ak salam dye?bile dye nk bla,ak wat donno she never appear in front of me.jahat gak ak,jmpe dyw pn jarang2,tyme2 tertentu,maybe family gathering @ cuti2 skewl @ cuti2 perayaan.

diz is true happened on HARI RAYA & when i was 15 @ 16 years old.i can't remember well,as i had never been to her house 4 a long bese,bdk2 @ remaje between aged 13-20,dpt la duet raye.nk dpt duet raye dr dye,kne beratur.ak cover jerr la,so beratur gak,tak nk la ketare sgt ak nieh DISLIKE her.lepas jerr dpt duet raye tuh,RM10,ak tros bg kt adeq sdare,yg sengal nyer,adeq sdare ak gtaw kt dye,yg ak bg dye.ak mmg tak nk duet tuh.tataw la,ak TAK NAK.

bkn sumer owg kaye nieh kt dye jerr,coz..........coz sumthing la,biarla rahsie.ak terpk gak,pe yg ak wat nieh,btol ke tak.bkn ak nieh PERFECT mner nk benci owg.but,datz wut i feel.even now,her house is not so far from my college,KBU,i didn't go to her house.parents ak bek ngan dye dh owt,tp,ak yg sensitive,asal an ak tak sabotaj dye,wat pape ke,ok la owt.

conclusion,ak juz nk lepas an geram agy,pade owg2,ader gak owg kate,owg yg kite benci tuh,mse2 akn dtg,dye la owg yg kite SAYANG.who,datz 4 now.

till then!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


ak tukar,ak letak ayat2 yg elok skit la...

by da tyme ak post nieh,ak mmg totally "bengang"..mcm tak caye pe dh jdk tyme tuh..but now,ak dh recover dh skit,dh tak hot2 agy..skit2 tuh,ader la owt..;)

so,thanx 4 everyone yg comment..sabar sebahagian/separuh drpd iman :)(mud ngan liyana nyer kepincangan)...

sowie again 4 da not nice words..kdg2,ssh nk kawal diri nieh..

ckp2 la yerk,takat nieh jerr..

Saturday, December 20, 2008


1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tag 10 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Link the person who tagged you.
5. Leave a comment for each blogger.
6.You are not allowed to tag back the person who tagged you.

7 facts about me??
-agak pemalas,certain2 case,rajen owt..
-kuat mkn & mengakibatkan ak agak gemokz..
-mkn ngan laju,tp ak bkn pelahap..natural :D
-ske wat lawak yg x lawak..kwn2 dkt2 @ near @ hampir @ naehe@ ngan ak taw owt...
-pendiam??esp dlm kelas english,donno y...shy2 owt...
-alim??ade yg kate,tyme mdm yong wat game (later ak citer)..
-well-organized..yela owt,tgk bilik la :D

"again????oh my....."

01. what is the most important thing in your life ?

- family + friends + teachers * etc

02. what is the last thing you bought with your own money?
- let me think 1st??top up,krdt ak dh nyawe2 ikan..ak top up tros rm30

03. where do you wish to get married ?
- akad nikah,umah @ masjid..sanding,kt taman pn jdk la..(ich haette gern in einem Hotel)

04. how old do you think you will get permanently owned by your lover ?

05. are you in love ?
-love??ntah,donno,tataw,no idea,"keine Ahnung"...XD

06. where was the last restaurant you had dinner at ?
-nieh bkn restaurant,warung tepi jln jerr.."coconut shake restaurant",haha...da besh coconut shake i ever have

07. name the latest book you bought ?
-buku nota..(b4 dat,falling leaves @ Fallend Blaetter yg smpy skang tak abis agy)

08. what is your full name ?
-Muhammad Azizi bin Aziz (like father like son) :D

09. do you prefer mother or father?
-mak,mak,mak & ayah...

10. name a person that you really wish to meet in your real life for the first time?
-"Rasulullah s.a.w :)"..quote dr anne..

11. christina or britney?
-npe ngan due minah nieh???

12. do you do your own laundry?
-sumtymes..klau ader duet,ak gne washing machine

13. the most exciting place you want to go?
-Bayern Munich..ader BMW factory :D

14. hugs or kisses ?
-due2 nk,dr mak + ayah + kakak2..kisses tuh kt pipi n dahi,mu jgn pk len :)

15. point out five things about the person who tagged you
-sowg jerr
-anne @ hanis @ kwn kpd sumone i admire,haha
-dok kedah jepalang padi
-penah mintak blanje "big apple" (tak tertunai agy)
-skang kt kbu

16. eight things i’m passionate about
-tgk tv (skang dh byk pd ak channel @ movie besh2)
-layan tenet
-lyn ank buah
-movie..updated @ latest
-nk sgt2 men basket,juz takde teman... wichtigsten
-bwk kete satu m'sia
-candid,slalu wat kt kelas :D

17. eight books i have read recently
-falling leaves..nih pon x abes g..
-a thousand splendid suns..
-the kite runner..tak abis agy gakz..
-ayat2 cinta..kwn yg recommened,layan jerr
-comics(dh jarang)
-buku peraturan skolah??

18. eight songs i’ve been listening over and over again
-with me~sum 41
-so long,goodbye~sum 41
-i'm yours~jason mraz
-bukan rayuan gombal~judika
-ikhlas tapi jauh~ve
-march of the dogs-sum 41
-lost~avenged sevenfold

19. eight things i learned this year
-berdikari (pgg duet sndry)
-driving~motor & kete
-bhs baru(dh pnh tyme skewl dlu,developed blk)
-cre2 gne blog
-jln2 kt area2 damansara + key el
-tak hot-tempered dh (skewl dlu trok gakz ar)
-blaja jdk dewasa

20. 10 persons you tag
-cik kura2
-nabeyl aizat

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

sebijik motor

ak nk citer skit psl sebijik motor yg dh bpe kali excident tak smpy sthn...ak bgtaw skit psl motor nieh...

model : lagenda 110

colour : merah (putih )

max. speed : 300kmh,ha3...nek 110kmh pn dg gegar...

1st situation..

location : jmbtn kt pulau gadong @ mlk

time : around 10.30p.m.

tarikh : dlm bln 3 la owt...

one day,mamat nieh dpt la sebjik motor yg dye idam2 an selame nieh...dgn muke yg agak "cute" (haha),dye memohon sebjik motor,yg 2nd hand jerr pn...

so,dh dpt motor,dye test la motor tuh ngan mmbr dye...mmbr dye ajak la kuar mkn mlm...pergi,okeyh jerr...ader la dlm 4 bijik motor gerak skali...diowg nieh,g la mkn kt sebuah kedai "yong tau fu"....pergh!!!!masyuk ++++++ mahal....

otw blk,tyme nieh la excident tuh jdk...bwk tak smpy pn 50kmh...taw2 jerr,mamat nieh terseret atas jln...mmbr dye yg kt depan,cuak gak laa...check la mner taw ader kete lalu,naye jerr mamat tuh kene lenyek kete...

citer dye,mamat tuh brek kt air,ptt okeyh...but!!!ader pasir lak dlm air tuh...(leyh jdk reason ker??)haha


mamat tuh syg la,motor tuh bau jerr 5 jam beli,dh naye,excident...da day afta 2morrow,kuar la citer psl pontianak kt jmbtn tuh...mamat tuh imagine,pontianak tolak owt,mner la taw an..

semenjak dr ari tuh smpy la skang,mamat tuh dh tak excident...tyme excident,mamat nieh baru lesen L,huhu...mmg ptt pn...

2nd situation...

location : around kota damansara

time : ptg owt

tarikh : nk dkt hari raye (1 week b4 raye aidiladha)

mamat yg kt 1st story td,bg la sowg nieh bwk motor...mintak tlg la letak an kt umah mmbr dye nieh,kt kota damansara,coz nk bwk blk umah kt mlk,mls...better nek bas @ wutever...dgn selamber,dye bg la dye nieh bwk...(ade due owg,sowg bwk,sowg agy dok blkg la)...

lps raye,mamat nieh nk amik motor la...tyme nk amik,due owg nieh citer la wut had happened...ekceli,cyan kt mmbr dye yg bwk motor,dh due kali excident tak smpy pn half year..

citer dye,otw nk g umah mmbr dye nieh,nk anta motor,dlm ujan lak tuh,diowg terlanggar border jln...(kt simpang jln,coz slh jln)...pergh!!terhumban...weird nyer,yg penumpang tuh,lek jerr sms even dh tergolek2...abis "ancur" motor tuh..papepn,diowg slamat..

ganti rugi,dh pn selesai...kne la dlm rm350...abis body sumer tuka,kale jerr maintain,ha3..

3rd situation...

location : kg. kayu ara @ dpn masjid

time : 3.00 pg

tarikh : bln 9 owt (tak igt lak)

mamat nieh punyer la bek ati,kasik lak due owg mmbr dye gne motor...tgh2 mlm lak tuh...cuak gak,coz,sowg takde lesen,sowg agy,jarang bwk motor...dgn lafaz BISMILLAHIRRAHMANIRRAHIM (correct me),mamat tuh bg la motor dye...kate2 yg plg d igt " pki la helmet tuh,nyawe ade satu jerr"...

taw2 jerr,sok pg,motor mamat tuh,pecah side mirror kanan n ader la agy yg rosak...tgk mmbr mamat tuh,dh luke..ehm

diowg pn xplain tyme diowg bwk motor,otw blk,diowg kene kejar (ntah kejar ke men2) ngan satu group,mat rempit owt....bese la,owg kg...yg tgh bwk tuh,yg takde lesen...dgn cuak + gelabah + takut,pecut tak memasal...tyme kt masjid,nk msk simpang ke cp,abis!!!!terseret....
dh luke agy 2 owg...

mamat tuh n mmbr2 dye yg len,terpk kate2 b4 diowg tunggang motor tuh...psl helmet...mmg la mulut tuh agak ce...par, la yg jdk klau diowg tuh free hair,ha3...

stakat nieh jerr la...cyan motor mamat tuh,tp mamat tuh still syg motor dye :D...yg pntg,takde nyawe yg d tarikh Illahi..alhamdulillah...

till then!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

boy-a tale of childhood


4 ur information,this story is not about the boy in a novel (i didn't read it yet) is actually bout me ( bdk kecik yg nakal2 tp bek2, how's datz?? )..

i prefer 2 write in english,but my english is not so good,so i write in three language : malay,english & deutsch...(kne inform ke??),4give if u have a difficulty 2 read :)

it happened in my house when i was in Ki be more specified,when i was in
Tmn Styewangse
( spe taw??dkt jerr ngan wangse maju )
frueher,diz residential area was, should i say,peace & quite,full of emptiness??erk,nope2!!peace & quite & also happening...
but now,everything seems 1 word "overcrowded"..go n check by urself..

it have three parts,persiaran,bukit n puncak..
4 sure,the riches will be staying at puncak ( all da house there cost more than a million ) parents bought a house at persiaran,which i think much2 better than living at bukit n puncak..good transportation n nearer to my ex-skewl..
so,datz a lil' bit information bout my ex-haus..
(hey,now i live in Melaka,historical country) :D

back 2 da topic!!
one day,when i was in my sister's room,SHILA ( my 3rd syster ), i suddenly broke my "sweet" hand??? la,my "sweet" finger...u all might gonna be shock,how it was happened...(hopefully)..

so,diz is da story,
i was playing ( i can't remember wut da things i was playing with ) in her room,as she was reading some novel ( i think so )...
tanpe sebarang pemberitahuan, ak terduduk atas "sweet" finger ak sndry..
then,it broke...i hardly to cry,donno y...perhaps,i was really ueberraschung @ sys stared at me with full of question in her upper body (kepala la @ head)..y??b'coz,i suddenly became quiet & silence & ruhig & senyap & bisu & speechless!!!i tried 2 hide wut had happened,but,b'coz we are brother n sister n she have
ilmu "kasyaf" : kowg caye la pe yg ak kate nieh,luegen @ tipu,huhu..
she knew dat i had broke my arm??finger!!!

new paragraph la...
she told my mother ( i think my father was not at home ) wat had happened..
as fast as lightning ( ayat yg slalu ak gne tyme UPSR ),
they,my mother & my three sister sent me to the nearest hospital..wait2!!bkn g hospital dlu,klinik dlu..however,at the clinic,doctor can't do the x-ray at night..
technology kt klinik Styeawangse lom advance agy..
ah!!ich habe vergessen,etwas zu erzaehlen @ ak terlupe nk citer happened in da night..2 jerr pn,ha3...after that,i was sent 2 hospital..(tawakal i thing,tak igt agy)...

vielleicht @ perhaps,about 2 hours,after the x-ray,my left hand had been "simen"..
wah!!!berat tuh...
Gott sei dank,it was my left hand..if it was my right hand,it should be difficult 2 me..y??how i wanna eat??write??paint??(tipu agy,mner reti kale2 nieh)...

1 more thing is,it happened juz b4 hari raye aidiladha...
so,dat year,i celebrated hari raye with binding hand..(tgn kne simen daa)..ade owt gmba,tp tak igt ktne...ha3

da moral of diz story...
expect the unexpected!!!!!
accident @ danger can be irgendwo @ anywhere,irgendwie @ anyhow
& irgendwann @ anytime...
juz be alert...:D

*chow bello*


Thursday, December 11, 2008

fun @ funny day??

it started with.............

6.15a.m. :

i woke up for suboh pray,then i went to sleep back..da funny thing was,it is really hard to wake up zul...i'm not sure,maybe about half an hour,hakeem had tried to make zul awoke/waked..( mmg ssh nk kjot zul nieh bgn suboh,hu3 :D

dlm apartment..

10.30a.m. :

this tyme,i totally woke up...1st thing i grab,was my laptop..then,i type " friendster & myspace " in da space given...checked comments,if there were any new...then,replied da comments,each of da comment...i wanted to stdy a lil' of calculus,but it changed my mind & watched " madagascar 2 " via on9...but,i didn't watched all movie,as the wi-5 connection was very bad at dat tyme..

11.30a.m. :

i went back to hstl ( i always sleep at stdnt haus,number 133 )...took my hygiene,went for a lunch n then returned back to stdnt haus...i had bought " nasi goreng " and it tasted really gewd ( mmg nyer mmg sedap la,sumer jenis la ),huhu


we had a competition...( men counter strike jerr pn,tp lan,so,lwn ngan bkn ngan bot jerr la )...wut da best thing is,i had killed more than i had died...seronok tol bile tembak kne pale ),ha3..we played till we're tired ( tp tak tired pn,stop coz we need to go to our lecturer haus )...kt riana green jerr,dkt jerr ngan kbu...

3.30p.m. :

we went to our lecturer haus,frau pfeiffer at riana green & da 1st thing we did,was been a long tyme dat i didn't go to swim,especially with ma friends...we had a lots of fun...we're da only group in da pool at dat tyme,so ( pool tuh cm kitowg nyer,wat jerr sesuke ati kitowg )...ha3..we also had thrown edwin into the pool!!!he didn't wanna to swim,therefore we thrown him,to make him wet,ha3..jahat tol..another thing is,he didn't bring another cloths,so he need to wear cloths from others...pity on him :D

with zhaf @ collela...

nabil sebok la kt blkg

smilez everybody...

do they can swim??

it is da tyme when edwin were thrown into da pool :D

we also had a small " tea "..we ate baulu,german made chocolate,drink coke n orange f&n n etc..while we're swimming,da chinese we're playing card, n dat card is not a normal card, it is 3 - 4 times big than da normal card...( ak rse,kad tuh tok owg rabun )...

5.00 - 5.30p.m. :

we went to our lecturer room @ home @ condominium, at da 2nd floor,one of da block there..the room is relatively small,but it doesn't matter,we still feel comfortable...we continued to talk,lots of themes & mostly in german...our lecturer have a bf,n her bf have a good appearance,huhu...with him,we also speak in german...although it was a lil' bit hard 2 understand b'coz of his accent,but afta talking with him for a moment,we can catch up with his accent n phm la gak...

6.45p.m. :

three of us,hakeem,zul & me,accomponied frau pfeiffer to buy domino's pizza for our dinner...we bought three extra karge pizza with different taste n also a few pack of garlic bread...then,frau pfeiffer & i went to small supermarket to buy some drink....there,i heard dat frau pfeiffer n one guy speak in a language dat i can;t understand..haha,it was franzosich...dgr cm bhs thailand jerr :D

7.30p.m :

we had our dinner...sumer mkn slow jerr,coz ptg td mkn byk gak la...during dinner,we also played some games with da cards...we had a lot of fun,coz byk men tipu!!!ha3...ngah mkn,ader gak yg smoking,normal la tuh...( sje nk citer )..:D

kamarul lak wat magic...igt frau pfeiffer tak dpt tgkp,last2,kantoi..shade!! :p

see!!edwin wear somebody else shirt,huhu

rumate ak,ha3

everybody act like they r cool :p

* me, "joachem", "sabine" & hakeem *
9.30p.m. :

i think la dat tyme is around 8.30p.m....all da chinese went back to,juz us left ( da malay n da indian )..actually,we're waiting for faizal n imran,as they we're on da way to riana green,lepas diowg g shopping...

10.00p.m. :

we had received our certificate..was fuer eine ueberraschung!!!she had told us dat she wanna give us da certificate on friday,but as da certificate have already made,so she gaves us earlier...we're so happy @ more accurately,we didn't need to come 2morrow :D

we had a great conversation..

receiving da certificate...(mke poyoz)

wut a long tyme "shaking hand"


11.00p.m :

we we're very tired,however,we went back to hstl n stdnt haus on foot...we knew it was dangerous at night n the road were busy,but,taking a risk is a must,haha ( ayat yg takde kne mengene )...

wut a fun + enjoyable day!!!!

(mmg kelam kabut agy,wat dlm keadaan mengantok,tak sempat nk pk citer pe nk d "type" n ayat mmg lintang pukang )

till then :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

movie + arcade game = spend more money

haha,sure u all know wut i gonna write in here ( here??? )...
ehm,where i should start???afta thinking 4 about 30 mins, around dat la owt,"baru" la continue typing..

2day ( 10.12.2008 ) i taught i would receive the certificate,deutsch certificate ( mcm tak caye jerr dh 6 bln blaja german ).."tetapi",da certificate didn't print yet,so we all need to wait till friday ( kne la tggu 2 3 ari agy )..

while our LEHRERIN were preparing our certificate,we ( mostly malay stdnt ),watched german movie : " Sams in Gefahr " @ Sams in emergency...we can't here da way they speak clearly,as nabils' speaker r not so loud,but we followed the subtitles n therefore we can understand the movie ein bisschen @ a lil' bit..comedy ( mmg lawak la ) tp agak menakut an,coz 1 of da character looks like pig,huhu...geli lak ( ekceli bese jerr tgk )..

in the evening, my fwenz ( akeem n zul ) n i went to 1utama to watch a movie..eigentlich @ ekceli, we wanted to watch twilight ( walaupun ak dh tgk ), but da only tickets r at 9 p.m n only for gold class..ader gak la yg kol 6.30 ptg,tp takkan nk tggl maghrib,we chose to watch " body of lies " n we bought 3 ticket for 7.30p.m...

as we have bout 1 hour n 30 mins, we had planned to go for a dinner 1st...bajet kaye,so we went to pizza hut...ak ngan lapar @ boros gak la,order more than juz 1 set for 4 persons, dat is MASALA...sedap!!!schmeck sehr gut...huhu...then,padan muke,bayar la smpy rm25,juz ak,total = rm65..

wut is the interesting bout da movie??ganz normal,lots of action,bout terrorist ( islam la,bese la tuh,tp,cm ader la gak back up owg islam )...i didn't feel asleep all da tyme in da cinema ( coz da film mmg "masyuk" la )..ha3..i suggest to all of u,go n watch diz movie,but make sure dat u r 18 years n above,haha...NG,tak yah la tgk keyh,tak ckp umo :D

ich habe vergessen,etwas zu erzaehlen @ lupe la sumthing nk citer...b4 we watched movie, akeem n me, went to the arcade to play "tyme crisis"..yg lme nyer,coz agy usuall,we didn't go far,smpy la gak stage 2...

keyh,tyme to play counter strike..chill out guyz!!

(kelam kabut tulis coz diowg dh ajak men game,terpakse la cmpur aduk an bhs...)
till then!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

sum 41

wut should we do afta exams???

hey, can anybody tells me, wut r da best things we should/could do afta exams??

1. sleeping for about 24 hours??bad 4 me..takkan la nk 24 jam, semayang nk letak mner..
agy pn,tak bek tok kesihatan..bdn tak aktif,cpt jerr dpt penyakit chronic??tol ke,haha

2. study for the next year subjects??haha, payah la skit, bab2 stdy nieh, nieh mmg agak
pemalas..kadang2 tuh,bleyh la owt..tok calculus ke an...huhu

3. enjoy with our fwenz??nk watpe??tg wayang,jln2,g pnti??duet byk pki la,skang nieh,duet
scholarship pn ak dh abis an,mner nk crk duet..mintak mak,tak smpi ati...

4. sit in front of tv @ laptop??nieh satu agy,keje2 cmnie,mmg bazir mse...dok depan tv kang,bkn
takat 1 @ 2 jam,kne2,4 @ 5 jam,dh satu movie tuh 1 jam lebih...dpn laptop,leyh la trime owt,
coz,maybe ade kebaikan,keep in touch with fwenz,tulis blog..

5. working part-time??keje mulia,tp,klau cuti pn 2 3 mggu jerr,nk keje pe..majikan mner yg
nk amik pekerja 2 3 mggu,kurang2 2 3 bln..seswai tok yg lepasan SPM owt..pengalaman akan
tmbh & sgt membantu especially tyme stdy n nk crk keje nnty...

6. charity work??mmg besh,tp ati ikhlas n bertetapan dlm wat keje2 charity nieh..jgn hangat2
tahi ayam jerr...klau cmtuh,dok umah,goyang kaki pn agy bgs..huhu

7. attending tuitions??ada kebaikannyer,tp byk pki duet la...yg berduet tuh,tros kan la
niat baek anda nieh...jgn lak nk ponteng...ehm,nk crk kelas tuisyen pn,tgk la dlu chegu yg
nk mengajar,pasti n chegu tuh berkaliber, lepasan diploma n agy bgs ijazah...

8. join sports club??interesting,crk la club2 mner2 yg kowg ske..cnth : rugby @ cobra..dowg pn
nk crk pelapis gak tuh,tyme free,kowg leyh join gak,even dlm u nnty an..pape pn,jgn la smpy
abai an tggjwb kowg sebgi pelajar & anak..

9. do nuthing??jgn wat la,bazir mase,agame kite pn larang an..bek wat 8 mende yg kt atas tuh..
ader gak faedah nyer...

actually, i don't have the idea to write,huhu
sorry also as mostly i wrote in Malay, coz much easier..perhaps, if i have tyme, i will translate it into english...or even deutsch @ german..much more interesting...

i write about diz topic coz i had finished my exam n now i have 3 weeks to spent my holiday..for me, probably ( sure ) i will choose number 2 & 3,huhu...

dat's all 4 now..till then!!

y did i give the title of this blog : " full of emptiness?? " ?

so, diz is me, " agak poyo la skit tyme nieh ", huhu


about da title??
it juz come in my mind when i was at da 1st tyme using diz blog..i should also said dat, it is one of the lyrics from SUM 41,but ryte now ( at da tyme i write diz post ) i can't remember the title of the song..perhaps, i will write the title when i can remember it back...

so, ekceli, our life's is not " full of emptiness " n datz y i wrote it with question mark @ "?".. we had occupied our life's with full things. e.g : playing computer games, gossiping ( especially among the gurlz ),huhu, eating, surf da internet n even sleeping & etc...

juz wanna say dat, the title is not the exactly meaning of this blog...

n da most important is, i wanna improve my english, absolutely my grammar, eventhough i know dat i didn't write in a correct words of english.. "wanna", "diz" n bla bla bla...

so, those who had visited this blog, keep continue visiting it..

( some words in german as i learn german )

lernen Sie fleissig, seien Sie bitte aktiv, machen Sie Spass und viel glueck!!!

ich moechte nicht nur mein english sondern auch mein deutsch verbessen..deshalb mache ich dieses Blog, weil ich moechte mehr auf english und deutsch schreiben..