Monday, April 13, 2009

back 2 school

ex-sismerian 03'-07'

date : 10-11 april
time : from 11p.m. on 10th april till 6.30p.m on 11th april

activities :

~ went back home with my sister and her future husband with his grey myvi..
it takes about 4 hours from my college, fetch my future brother-in-law,
through the traffic jam in kl and straight 2 malacca

~ fetched my friends at Malacca Central around 10.30 o'clock in the night in 10th april 2009
went straight 2 skewl and arrived around 11.15p.m.

~ fetched another 2 friends at tampin by using my sister car
the road were totally dark
so, most of the time "tawakal and yakin an diri"

~ slept around 3a.m

~ woke up early (5.40a.m)
chegu baha kejut gne tongkat lame dye, mendebar an ati :D
solat and have breakfast

~ we met pengetua at his room to tell the purpose of the program
we also met our teachers and have a long chit chat
most important was "amik sijil SPM"

~ around 11.00p.m we went to malacca to sent on of our friend
girls ate at secret recipe whereas me n Nazif ate at food court..
(lelaki berjimat :D)

~ the program start at 3p.m.
we talked about our program / foundation and the college where
we are now
took about 2 hours..
the participants were form 5..
purpose are to expose to all form 5 about what will
they take after graduate from school

~ at the evening, played basket for a short time with skewl team
"bakat lme masih ader" :D

~ 6.30p.m. went back home

buapak is presenting his presentation

en. karim bin bayok


form 5-sismerian 09'

at "pengetua" room


chegu malita & basketball team

fatin,aida,enoi,fatin ain

with form 1 @ sisme


azwa said...

heyy,did u really told them bout me? i mean all of them? the whole batch? adoii,segan2
ade ke junior yg nk msuk kbu tu,haha?

gg_selamber said...

not all about u..
just tell what scholarships u had received and where are u now..

ehm,taw pn tidak,nieh nk msk kbu..
tataw la diowg berminat ke tak..

sek bek tak bwk pix ari tuh,yg kt klia..
klau tak,dh tunjuk dh kat junior :D

I Z M I R said...

ape khabar kwn???
lama xdgr story..