Thursday, December 11, 2008

fun @ funny day??

it started with.............

6.15a.m. :

i woke up for suboh pray,then i went to sleep back..da funny thing was,it is really hard to wake up zul...i'm not sure,maybe about half an hour,hakeem had tried to make zul awoke/waked..( mmg ssh nk kjot zul nieh bgn suboh,hu3 :D

dlm apartment..

10.30a.m. :

this tyme,i totally woke up...1st thing i grab,was my laptop..then,i type " friendster & myspace " in da space given...checked comments,if there were any new...then,replied da comments,each of da comment...i wanted to stdy a lil' of calculus,but it changed my mind & watched " madagascar 2 " via on9...but,i didn't watched all movie,as the wi-5 connection was very bad at dat tyme..

11.30a.m. :

i went back to hstl ( i always sleep at stdnt haus,number 133 )...took my hygiene,went for a lunch n then returned back to stdnt haus...i had bought " nasi goreng " and it tasted really gewd ( mmg nyer mmg sedap la,sumer jenis la ),huhu


we had a competition...( men counter strike jerr pn,tp lan,so,lwn ngan bkn ngan bot jerr la )...wut da best thing is,i had killed more than i had died...seronok tol bile tembak kne pale ),ha3..we played till we're tired ( tp tak tired pn,stop coz we need to go to our lecturer haus )...kt riana green jerr,dkt jerr ngan kbu...

3.30p.m. :

we went to our lecturer haus,frau pfeiffer at riana green & da 1st thing we did,was been a long tyme dat i didn't go to swim,especially with ma friends...we had a lots of fun...we're da only group in da pool at dat tyme,so ( pool tuh cm kitowg nyer,wat jerr sesuke ati kitowg )...ha3..we also had thrown edwin into the pool!!!he didn't wanna to swim,therefore we thrown him,to make him wet,ha3..jahat tol..another thing is,he didn't bring another cloths,so he need to wear cloths from others...pity on him :D

with zhaf @ collela...

nabil sebok la kt blkg

smilez everybody...

do they can swim??

it is da tyme when edwin were thrown into da pool :D

we also had a small " tea "..we ate baulu,german made chocolate,drink coke n orange f&n n etc..while we're swimming,da chinese we're playing card, n dat card is not a normal card, it is 3 - 4 times big than da normal card...( ak rse,kad tuh tok owg rabun )...

5.00 - 5.30p.m. :

we went to our lecturer room @ home @ condominium, at da 2nd floor,one of da block there..the room is relatively small,but it doesn't matter,we still feel comfortable...we continued to talk,lots of themes & mostly in german...our lecturer have a bf,n her bf have a good appearance,huhu...with him,we also speak in german...although it was a lil' bit hard 2 understand b'coz of his accent,but afta talking with him for a moment,we can catch up with his accent n phm la gak...

6.45p.m. :

three of us,hakeem,zul & me,accomponied frau pfeiffer to buy domino's pizza for our dinner...we bought three extra karge pizza with different taste n also a few pack of garlic bread...then,frau pfeiffer & i went to small supermarket to buy some drink....there,i heard dat frau pfeiffer n one guy speak in a language dat i can;t understand..haha,it was franzosich...dgr cm bhs thailand jerr :D

7.30p.m :

we had our dinner...sumer mkn slow jerr,coz ptg td mkn byk gak la...during dinner,we also played some games with da cards...we had a lot of fun,coz byk men tipu!!!ha3...ngah mkn,ader gak yg smoking,normal la tuh...( sje nk citer )..:D

kamarul lak wat magic...igt frau pfeiffer tak dpt tgkp,last2,kantoi..shade!! :p

see!!edwin wear somebody else shirt,huhu

rumate ak,ha3

everybody act like they r cool :p

* me, "joachem", "sabine" & hakeem *
9.30p.m. :

i think la dat tyme is around 8.30p.m....all da chinese went back to,juz us left ( da malay n da indian )..actually,we're waiting for faizal n imran,as they we're on da way to riana green,lepas diowg g shopping...

10.00p.m. :

we had received our certificate..was fuer eine ueberraschung!!!she had told us dat she wanna give us da certificate on friday,but as da certificate have already made,so she gaves us earlier...we're so happy @ more accurately,we didn't need to come 2morrow :D

we had a great conversation..

receiving da certificate...(mke poyoz)

wut a long tyme "shaking hand"


11.00p.m :

we we're very tired,however,we went back to hstl n stdnt haus on foot...we knew it was dangerous at night n the road were busy,but,taking a risk is a must,haha ( ayat yg takde kne mengene )...

wut a fun + enjoyable day!!!!

(mmg kelam kabut agy,wat dlm keadaan mengantok,tak sempat nk pk citer pe nk d "type" n ayat mmg lintang pukang )

till then :D


mud said...

nice post weh..
haha3 zol baloq liat
cngrate dpt certifcte..besh r tuh

.::annemishi::. said...

oww...mkcik tuh korang pya lecturer aar? =.=" ic~~

wahaha..x leh blah ayat ang mat~
baloq liat~ ku rsa zizi x pham.. =P

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

uhh best2.. men kolam renang.. congratz dapat certs tu.. korang memang deserve that certs..

zul memang tidoq cam hantu..