Wednesday, December 10, 2008

movie + arcade game = spend more money

haha,sure u all know wut i gonna write in here ( here??? )...
ehm,where i should start???afta thinking 4 about 30 mins, around dat la owt,"baru" la continue typing..

2day ( 10.12.2008 ) i taught i would receive the certificate,deutsch certificate ( mcm tak caye jerr dh 6 bln blaja german ).."tetapi",da certificate didn't print yet,so we all need to wait till friday ( kne la tggu 2 3 ari agy )..

while our LEHRERIN were preparing our certificate,we ( mostly malay stdnt ),watched german movie : " Sams in Gefahr " @ Sams in emergency...we can't here da way they speak clearly,as nabils' speaker r not so loud,but we followed the subtitles n therefore we can understand the movie ein bisschen @ a lil' bit..comedy ( mmg lawak la ) tp agak menakut an,coz 1 of da character looks like pig,huhu...geli lak ( ekceli bese jerr tgk )..

in the evening, my fwenz ( akeem n zul ) n i went to 1utama to watch a movie..eigentlich @ ekceli, we wanted to watch twilight ( walaupun ak dh tgk ), but da only tickets r at 9 p.m n only for gold class..ader gak la yg kol 6.30 ptg,tp takkan nk tggl maghrib,we chose to watch " body of lies " n we bought 3 ticket for 7.30p.m...

as we have bout 1 hour n 30 mins, we had planned to go for a dinner 1st...bajet kaye,so we went to pizza hut...ak ngan lapar @ boros gak la,order more than juz 1 set for 4 persons, dat is MASALA...sedap!!!schmeck sehr gut...huhu...then,padan muke,bayar la smpy rm25,juz ak,total = rm65..

wut is the interesting bout da movie??ganz normal,lots of action,bout terrorist ( islam la,bese la tuh,tp,cm ader la gak back up owg islam )...i didn't feel asleep all da tyme in da cinema ( coz da film mmg "masyuk" la )..ha3..i suggest to all of u,go n watch diz movie,but make sure dat u r 18 years n above,haha...NG,tak yah la tgk keyh,tak ckp umo :D

ich habe vergessen,etwas zu erzaehlen @ lupe la sumthing nk citer...b4 we watched movie, akeem n me, went to the arcade to play "tyme crisis"..yg lme nyer,coz agy usuall,we didn't go far,smpy la gak stage 2...

keyh,tyme to play counter strike..chill out guyz!!

(kelam kabut tulis coz diowg dh ajak men game,terpakse la cmpur aduk an bhs...)
till then!!

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