Monday, December 15, 2008

boy-a tale of childhood


4 ur information,this story is not about the boy in a novel (i didn't read it yet) is actually bout me ( bdk kecik yg nakal2 tp bek2, how's datz?? )..

i prefer 2 write in english,but my english is not so good,so i write in three language : malay,english & deutsch...(kne inform ke??),4give if u have a difficulty 2 read :)

it happened in my house when i was in Ki be more specified,when i was in
Tmn Styewangse
( spe taw??dkt jerr ngan wangse maju )
frueher,diz residential area was, should i say,peace & quite,full of emptiness??erk,nope2!!peace & quite & also happening...
but now,everything seems 1 word "overcrowded"..go n check by urself..

it have three parts,persiaran,bukit n puncak..
4 sure,the riches will be staying at puncak ( all da house there cost more than a million ) parents bought a house at persiaran,which i think much2 better than living at bukit n puncak..good transportation n nearer to my ex-skewl..
so,datz a lil' bit information bout my ex-haus..
(hey,now i live in Melaka,historical country) :D

back 2 da topic!!
one day,when i was in my sister's room,SHILA ( my 3rd syster ), i suddenly broke my "sweet" hand??? la,my "sweet" finger...u all might gonna be shock,how it was happened...(hopefully)..

so,diz is da story,
i was playing ( i can't remember wut da things i was playing with ) in her room,as she was reading some novel ( i think so )...
tanpe sebarang pemberitahuan, ak terduduk atas "sweet" finger ak sndry..
then,it broke...i hardly to cry,donno y...perhaps,i was really ueberraschung @ sys stared at me with full of question in her upper body (kepala la @ head)..y??b'coz,i suddenly became quiet & silence & ruhig & senyap & bisu & speechless!!!i tried 2 hide wut had happened,but,b'coz we are brother n sister n she have
ilmu "kasyaf" : kowg caye la pe yg ak kate nieh,luegen @ tipu,huhu..
she knew dat i had broke my arm??finger!!!

new paragraph la...
she told my mother ( i think my father was not at home ) wat had happened..
as fast as lightning ( ayat yg slalu ak gne tyme UPSR ),
they,my mother & my three sister sent me to the nearest hospital..wait2!!bkn g hospital dlu,klinik dlu..however,at the clinic,doctor can't do the x-ray at night..
technology kt klinik Styeawangse lom advance agy..
ah!!ich habe vergessen,etwas zu erzaehlen @ ak terlupe nk citer happened in da night..2 jerr pn,ha3...after that,i was sent 2 hospital..(tawakal i thing,tak igt agy)...

vielleicht @ perhaps,about 2 hours,after the x-ray,my left hand had been "simen"..
wah!!!berat tuh...
Gott sei dank,it was my left hand..if it was my right hand,it should be difficult 2 me..y??how i wanna eat??write??paint??(tipu agy,mner reti kale2 nieh)...

1 more thing is,it happened juz b4 hari raye aidiladha...
so,dat year,i celebrated hari raye with binding hand..(tgn kne simen daa)..ade owt gmba,tp tak igt ktne...ha3

da moral of diz story...
expect the unexpected!!!!!
accident @ danger can be irgendwo @ anywhere,irgendwie @ anyhow
& irgendwann @ anytime...
juz be alert...:D

*chow bello*



mud said...

mak aih, skali tulih deutch da. Hey i like dis one

"as fast as lightning ( ayat yg slalu ak gne tyme UPSR ).."

natto said...

jari patah...???
x nanges ke?
hebat ni, kagum aq!
thumbnail pacak kaki pun aq menjerit kot. :p

gg_selamber said...

terkezot,nangis pn dh tak knal..ha3

sure ko pn pnh gne an...

athira said...

terduduk atas tgn leh patah?? beratnye ko duluu...

gg_selamber said...

smpy skang ak still berat