Thursday, June 17, 2010

final desicion

at first, many choose to go to München...
most of us chose to study in Ingolstadt...

"there's always a but"

CDC said we weren't allowed to study in Bavaria @ München..
b'coz they (München) did not recognized the combination of Feststellungsprüfung & AUSMAT, Matriculation for Australia..

about 5 of us agreed to study together at Dortmund,
4 of us chose to go to Krefeld,
others at different states : Hamburg, Bremen, Aachen & Berlin

or should i say "but",
again "but"

JPA, our sponsor didn't allowd too many people in one batch to study in one place for example Dortmund & Krefeld..
again, we need to change our choices like going to another state like Dresden..
Dresden??east side of Germany??
two of them, who before that chose to study in Krefeld, they are "forced" to go to Dresden..

what happened to them, who wanted to go to Dortmund??

none of them will be studying in Dortmund..
1 choose to go to Hamburg..
1 choose to study in Aachen..
another 1 choose to go to Hannover..
and two of them after long time of thinking and a lot discussion have been made, they choose to study in Rüsselsheim..

at last, everyone has found the place that they will spend about 5 years in Germany..

last but not least,

i just wanna wish of all us (KBU batch 2008-2010), all the best, wherever you go and study, in whatever course you take..may all of us return to Malaysia with Degree and Master Certificates from Germany..

*the last word at every sentences is the name of state or countries

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