Tuesday, October 6, 2009


zul,azizi,pejal,ciko,mu'adz & kamarul (fotographer)

main reason, why we went to putrajaya : we wanted to make pasport for us, whereas i wanted to renew my old pasport,unfortunately, i didn't bring along my old pasport.

at IMIGRESEN department

1st case scenario :
we were 6 of us, but my SWEET & CUTE car (kancil) cannot carry all of us,especially CIKO.so we decided to borrow ZHAF arts car.by the time we wanted to start our journey, we lack of driver, because Mu'adz didnt't bring his driving license whereas CIKO are not familiar with BANDAR'S road. so, 6 of us were "put" inside 1 car

2nd case scenario :

we had a difficulty to find PUTRA mosque, even some of us already been there. so, we gotta to PUSING2 around putrajaya for several of times. suddenly, KAMARUL came with a brilliant idea. he told me to follow a motorcyclist, because he wearing baju MELAYU, and for sure he wanted to go to the mosque. ahhhhh!!!that rider went to a BANGUNAN KERAJAAN. so we just TAWAKAL after that, and GOD willing, we saw the signboard showing the direction to the mosque. ALHAMDULILLAH

Putra Mosque

3rd case scenario :
after FRIDAY's prayer, we have, what we called in MALAY,sessi fotografi. (mcm la kami ni foreigner). then, we had another problem. we're lost, our mission was to find PRESINT II, but we can't. it took about an hour just to find PRESINT II. while searching for that PRESINT, we went to a petrol station to TOP UP the car GAS. Mu'adz have a part time job =)

Mu'adz part time job

continue from 3rd case scenario :
when we arrived at PRESINT II, we had another problem. which department should we go, IMIGRESEN @ JPN?? (mereng kejap sumer2).. opsss!!!i wanted to enter the parking, but it is only for HANDLEG @ KAKITANGAN. quickly, as fast as SIPUT BABI, i reverse the car, and run off. then, i dropped them at JPN building, while me and ZUL went to find parking..

4th case scenario :
then suddenly FAIZAL called me, and he told that, we should go to IMGIRESEN department instead of JPN deparment to make our pasport. we're such a FOOL. it is not so far from JPN building (that IMGIRESEN bulding), just accross the main road. look pix below.

Government building

to be continued.......

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