Saturday, October 17, 2009

cute lil' girl wearing "bende putih yg balut kaki dye tuh"

kawaii @ schoen

short biodata :
name : nur athirah bte hisham
dob : 11 september 2007
pob : kajang
favourite food : any kind of MEE
hobby : drawing & go outside da haus

juz look at the pix, she's still cute even with that "bende putih yg balut kaki dye tuh"....

athirah,so cute

hey,who's diz cute lil' girl's uncle??

she can't walk anymore,yeah,only for 3 months,not 4 da rest of her life..but somehow,i feel a lil' bit guilty.y?da reason she wear that "bende putih yg balut kaki dye tuh",probably because of me.i rmmbr one day that i forgot to watch her playing on the bed,suddenly,she fell down from the bed,crying loudly.but,my family didn't notice about it.when she stopped crying,i gave her back to MY mom to take care of her.until now,nobody knows about that incident.sorry athirah,it was UCU's fault..

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fairuz said...

gimme athira's mom's phone no..