Thursday, October 15, 2009

putr@jaya 3

continue from the last post....

not so much to tell about,it juz dat,we "sesat2" on da way to ZUL's uncle's house,sumwhere around was late in da evening,at it was da tyme to pray "maghrib"..zul's idea was not to pray at his uncle's haus (tak nk kaco owg),so we decided to stop by at MASJID KLIA.unfortunately,we took da wrong "path" which lead us to TERMINAL we spent another half an hour to turn over and pray..

when we arrived at ZUL's uncle's haus, we were served with MEE BANDUNG,such a delicious MEE i ever had (sje puji)..we had a chit chat for a while,then we went back..otw back, ZUL's wanted, really wanted to go through SMART TUNNEL, so, we did it..

watch da video below..

while everyone was really tired, especially MU'ADZ, i had another brilliant idea that really make us rmmbr about that day..we stopped by at TASIK TITIWANGSA..there, we played at the playground, and.....juz datz it..then,final destination, CENTREPOINT..i taught everyone was tired, but, after arrived at hostel, we then watched muvee, i can't really rmmbr, maybe LOTR..meanwhile, i told all about our journey to SUE and DARWIN, including some stupid topic, between DARWIN and me..

datz all....

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