Saturday, September 12, 2009

dodol time

teacher :
if u are given a choice, which 1 you choose :

1. kupas BAWANG : it clean ur eyes without using EYEMO
2. bakar LEMANG : teach u how to survive, if are in a jungle
3. kakau DODOL : build ur muscle (triceps and biceps)

a smart student :
me me, i wanna answer..i choose to kacau's FUN and i wanna be tough like MR AZIZI...yuhu!!!

short history of DODOL :
it was said dat, one day, 1 malay guyz saw 1 white guyz, chewing something inside his mouth..then, he threw it away after a while..dat malay guyz was shocked, b'coz he never saw somebody threw away their food after KUNYAH it..then, suddenly, idea came to his mind..he made something like CHEWING GUM but it is much better to TELAN rather than throw it away..and it is now known as DODOL...

we are SPARTAN!!

sabri is just showing OFF,haha :p
"eh,ader awek la belakang tuh sabri,usha2 ar :D"

hakeem, it is not about how STRONG u are, it is about how CALM @ TENANG u are
so,don't push so hard..juz RELAX

PEKAT dh tuh..

DODOL taste so good,sedap DIKUNYAH sehingga MENJILAT JARI

but, in the end, i didn't go to the MAJLIS BERBUAKA PUASA dat night, b'coz i prefer to BERBUKA PUASA with my BUDDIES / OLD SKEWL FRIENDS

later, i will write about our small REUNION @ ALAMANDA b'coz i wanna collect 1st all da pix we took together during dat time..

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