Thursday, September 10, 2009

feeling empty

never taught i will wearing this kind of cloth, HOODIES..yeah!!it looks nice, but i can't afford it..and even if i bought it,it is not worthy, coz i might wearing it KEJAP-KEJAP...

my new belt..i taught it was RM18 ++ but then, when it was time to PAY, i simply2 took another one, which i look it NICER, and it cos more..RM21 ++..SHIT

juz trying this kind of so called GAY shirt..haha, it's really makes me look GAY..and i'm not covering my STOMACH!!!!

texting!!zul, new bag ka??sorry la,i crop it, coz it doesn't fit this pix well =p

1 comment:

ar.nsy said...

hahaha. x yah r cover perut tuh. xda makna