Friday, January 30, 2009


syikin, ciko, azizi, ng, nabeyl, mu'adz, collela
ina, shun ling, zul, Herr Lambert, alfred, kamarul, edwin
pejal, hakeem, darwin, goh, chang win, rumitha

~ anas ~

at the centre of the pix is Herr Lambert @ Rudiger Lambert
former german lecturer, working for CDC
teached us for about 3 months when we were in intensive german course
now, his is about 70 years old
live in Austria, but he is german

(anas has drop out the course,shade :()
.......there is just 19 peoples left.......

our german intensive course started on the 3rd july 2008
we begin our course teached by Herr Lambert
he was a funny & happy go lucky lecturer
but sometimes he looks like a "monster",haha
we just learn da basics of german language together with german culture
and!!! we learn to complete our "homework" :D


rhuw_biey said...

ak suke r post ko yg ni..gmbr2 tuh lawa~kamarul nmpk laen gler rmbut pndek n x pkai spek..
zhaf lak asal rmbut tjam sgt??
anas??spe ek??
x smpat knal die..

gg_selamber said...

anas dh drop out..
dye 3 bln jerr kt kbu..

jeles ke ngan pix 2??haha..
bangge ak :

rhuw_biey said...

agak jelez gk r c0z gmbr tuh lawa..
ko jgn bangge sgt..
kte idup ni kna humble je..

gg_selamber said...

ak mmg idop penuh humble..
terase bajet lak..