Tuesday, January 27, 2009


it's time to go back home @ college. by taking delima which is a type of bus with 44 seaters (i guess) it will take about 3 hours journey to kl if there is no traffic jam + smooth road at highway PLUS. then, i will take LRT to kelana jaya from pasar seni, and that will tak about 30 minutes. hopefully, the bus will pass through pasar seni station so that i will not waste my energy juz to walk from puduraya to pasar seni station. at kelana jaya, probably, i will call my fwenz and fetch me using "my" motorcycle @ superbike (hope so),haha. but, if he really2 "pemalas", then i should take another alternative way, taxi. ah!!surely it will be more expensive than using own tranport. who care, i just hope, i arrive to my college safely. btw, this is da 2nd time that i will use bus to go back to college, as the time before, i usually travel between melaka & kl using car, which is my sister car @ sometimes with my parents. pray for my journey :D

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.::annemishi::. said...

waa....cun layout... *x komen g ku nya post.. - nada x puas ati.. =P