Saturday, July 25, 2009

saturday morning

i woke up late around 7.20 a.m. b'coz last nyte i spent for about 2 hours at mcd juz to get a better connection...(wi-fi at CP sucks)

then, straight away went to SOLAT and terpakse qada' ( haiya, i always need to qada' SUBOH lately)..someone must help me to wake me up early..

after that, siap2 and packing my beg..walk alone to "padang bola KBU" b'coz i taught everyone have reached there..when i arrived, it juz me, standing alone on that field...

while waiting for others, i listened to one song..the song entitle "mahkota" and the singer is "meet uncle hussein".. i got it from sue..quiet nice...

then, when others have arrived, we started to play rugby..learn about tactical and some basic steps and rules of rugby taught by "sifu ayadi" and his friend "sifu quack" and "quack", sorry, i didn't know his real name...

but, something make my mood bad and also make me feels "menyirap"..try "la" to wake up early in the morning and don't be so lazy to come to the field early without being called so many times until somebody totally "menyirap"..

ok, maybe juz dat all..all and all, everything was a normal things dat i done every saturday morning..(maybe juz only for another week, then, it may change, depends on "keinginan ak"..tschuess!!

1 comment:

mud said...

haa qada suboh

ok la dr tak smyag langsung

ya dak = )