Tuesday, April 27, 2010

just another tough day

it was not a bright day for you, not as good as you taught, somehow, it's even worse. everything that happened today making you more depressing..

you won't realise that you have done something stupid till you wake up from your dream. you taught that you make a good conversation, but then, you noticed that, you have no idea what you are talking about.

what happened?

you blur, you didn't have words to say, you out of topic, and the worst was, you talked about something that others don't like, an at the end, they didn't wanna talk with you anymore, and they will find an excuse to avoid another long conversation with you.

what should you do?

you need to change, the way you think (think before you talk), you need to know what others like, more important, you need to know what are you talking about (jangan putar-putar belit)

you are not silly, you can speak, but you're shy, you afraid that you will make mistake, you afraid of what the reaction will be, the consequences + you don't even believe in yourself.

please change yourself, for your own good...............................................

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Paklung Tony said...

Arno Gruen said, we always take a daily fight with ourself. He said, there is an inner and an outer self. One is what you really feel like and what you really are, the other is the self you present to others, afraid that others won't like your innerself. He said, that is a conflict we have to take daily, and that causes many problems to ourselves daily, as we do at one hand want to be accepted by others, but in the other hand also want to be accepted by ourself.

Sometimes its a hard challenge to not loose yourself and to know what you want to reach or how you want to be.

Just never give in to one side, keep it in balance.