Tuesday, April 13, 2010


You were the one,
That brings hope in my life,
The one,
That changes darkness to happiness,
The one,
That spirit me up when i was down,
The one,
That changes hates to love.
You were the one,
That picks me up when i fall,
The one,
That shows no sense of giving up,
The one,
That will not lie to me,
The one,
That will always by my side when i was alone.
You were the one,
That care about me,
The one,
The only one, which i would say the greatest friend i ever had.

Now you have gone forever,
Left me alone in this dark world.

It's time. TIME!!
The one, that was too envy,
The one, that took you from me,
The one, that makes my life full of emptiness,
Loneliness, i feel.

I know, life is just something that we borrow,
Somethins that will not last forever,
Something that will not be immortal,
It's just a matter of, when and how,
it will be taken back.

Even you were no more here,
Remember that,
The only ship that will not be sink,
The only ship that will not break,
The only ship that will not be burned,

*i copied it from another blog of mine, which i had deleted it. this poem i wrote it by myself and recited it in front of the class. it was one of the assignment during AUSMAT course at KBU International College..with this poem, i managed to go through 2nd stage, which i need to recite in front of the other classes in lecture theater, unfortunately, i've lost..btw,this poem does not mean, i've lost my friends, i did not,it's just a poem..

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