Saturday, April 24, 2010

old & new

some might say : "dah macam lidah buaya"
others : "ko pakai ke ko gigit kasut tuh??"
few : "gheti tak gheti jage kasut nieh!!"

answer to those questions : "yang hangpa suma nak sebok knapa,mende mau jdk,trime jerr la hakikat,adeih"

type : leisure shoes
brand : dr. cardin
price : RM 100,00
color : white/brown
size : US (10.5)
shope : dr. cardin / 1U

the last time i wear these shoes (look picture above), when i was playing football with my friends at Meeresfeld. i knew that it will be broken, but i didn't aspect that it can be worst like this (picture)..

as a replacement :

i tried to find AND1 brand shoes here (basketball shoes),but it seems impossible. i guess,that type of brand can be only found in Malaysia (Malaysia agy maju,sumer brand ade)..

then, after 'jalan dari hujung hingga ke hujung Schildergasse @ Hohestra├če @ Neumarkt", i found a pair of shoes, which really caught my eyes..(look picture below)

type : sport / running shoes
brand : nike
price : EUR 40,00
color : white
size : US (10.5)
shop : Deichman,Neumarkt

it took me about half an hour to decide the design of the shoes (i tried 3 different types of shoes, two of them were Adidas and 1 was these)..then,another 15 minutes to get the right size..

it took me so long to decide,which one that i like,that even the workers there seems boring to look at me (malas nak layan kerenah ak,coz dok asyik tanyer size ngan kasut2 berlainan jenis)


on that day,i also learned a new germans word at the counter,
der Karton : shoes box

ehm,i guess, i've no more words to type,so, till then.......

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