Monday, April 12, 2010


we are not fantastic 4, we are not the incredible, we are not HEROES, we are not MutANt @ x-men, we are juz normal persons, that were gifted with some kind of specialities dat make us different from the others..

ciko @ dol :

specialities : can dance 24 hours, 7 weeks, 12 months and 365 days (non-stop)
+++ : can learn and speak any language in this world fluently juz a few months..

pejal @ wat :
specialities : looks cool most of da tyme, but when it is tyme, he can be da most "gelabah" men in the world..
+++ : he learn to play guitar since high school, one of da best guitarist in LONGERICH

zhaf @ gi :
specialities : ability to break anything such as metal with juz one thing he can't break, cigarettes..
+++ : the happiest guy in this world & easy to make friends..

mu'adz @ rus :
specialities : due to his body size, he can make himself disappear in juz a moment, most likely behind a pole
+++ : a good football player and cooker / skilled in making 3D objects...

hakeem @ dok :
specialities : he has the superpower of devil, and a really gewd friend of HELLBOY
+++ : a really kewl guy with a big skills of survival / challenging person / have a lot of brilliant idea inside his head (due to two horns,perhaps)

me (azizi) @ gor :
specialities : can change to "mammals" form at anytime, thus makes me able to speak in different language that has never been used by human
+++ : well-organized person (can check my room) and love to take photos

nabeyl @ diva :

specialities : ability to absord supersonic @ ultrasonic frequency..his special part can be used as satellite to get a clear channel of tv
+++ : up to date person, fashionable & really gewd in writing a blog..should read his blog

waniey @ wanoy : she's da new member of our so called "supernatural" team
specialities : evil laugh!!her laugh can make the world explode (juz an exaggeration)..nachos with cheese!!!
+++ : kewl and kind of a good photographer

p/s : hope u guyz don't take it seriously :D


Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

Haha...geela best post ni..aku gelak je baca..nice one azizi..

gg_selamber said...

igt nk hardcore agy,takot2 ade yg terkeciq ati,huhu

p/s : gelak tutup mulut