Wednesday, May 5, 2010

me being 20

a red small half half pink cute little birthday cake..thanx to my lovely dear, ateen ;)

20 years old already

people said that, everytime it's your birthday, you getting older..

for me, you getting more mature ;)

sounds better & nicer,huhu

"on our first meet"
i love this pixm coz it is red,huhu ;)
thanx to ateen again..

somehow, i hope so that i can be more mature,

stop being so childish, make a stupid joke...

like acting cool in front of the others,

but, it makes me think,

am i gonna be happy being someone who's not the real me??.......

thanks to everyone who wished me "happy birthday" but my real birthday (according to Islam) is on 10 Syawal (more prefer to be wished on that date) ;)


Paklung Tony said...

Don't think and worry too much about it. I am nearly 25 and am thinking that I may be childish, but still I think I matured...

My definition of "beeing mature" is: to be able to stand on your own feet and to reach your own goals with your own style. :-)

gg_selamber said...

i like the way u think and i totally like ur own definition of "beeing mature" ;)