Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Speisen und Getraenke

this is one my unhealthy habit. i like to eat during...ehm,everytime, i think..even my breakfast, i eat a lot, sometimes it juz like my lunch.. i really like to be at home, my breakfast wouldn't have a limit (didn't care about money) & my mom always cook "plenty" of food, b'coz she know that i like to eat & eat a lot...

so, how a bout my lunch??4 sure bigger and tougher than my breakfast.. must be rice, otherwise, i won't feel "kenyang".. maybe, mee is also okeyh, but must be a lot more quantity than "padi"..then, dinner.. it's not fix... depend on my mood n depend on my activity during day time.. usually, i take my dinner after maghrib, so i won't feel hungry at night..can i??

midnyte.. my supper tyme.. it's the best tyme to eat, there's nobody to interrupt my eating tyme + i can eat in peace.. i feels like "bujang", self-cooking @ i juz eat wutever leftover food that i can find.. if i need to cook, i prefer to use microwave, simple, easy & fast.. @ maybe, the easiest thing, "maggie"..

how about my drink?? when i am at home, i make it by myself, usually i use cordial n simply pour water without stirring.. (simple).. if i really2 "malas", i juz buy "air kotak" @ " air tin" at bintang, which is a small supermarket and near to my house..

that's me, a person who eat too much.. i spend a lot on food than the other things, which i think, it is ok as compared to "berpoya"... well, u can't live if u didn't eat, so, i eat & eat to keep me alive + to keep me fit,haha..

to write about when i eat, how i eat, how much i actually eat, is it "smpy 3 pinggan nasi", maybe i would take a year..juz know dat, i eat a lot..
"makan untuk hidup, bukan hidup untuk makan"


.::annemishi::. said...

mak aiiii~~~~ ok2.. it's a norm for a guy to consume a lot.. no wonder laa...

btw, i wish my home fridge would be full like that..


gg_selamber said...
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gg_selamber said...

my mom fridge always full of "that kind of things"...

coz they (my parentz) make katering, which is an advantage for me :D

faiz abu bakar said...

dude, aku xmkn byk pun cm ko..
no wonder la tapak tgn ko besa
( ade kaitan ke? )

gg_selamber said...

ade owt,mkn byk,byk la,ak mkn bende2 yg sehat2 jerr..:D

mud said...

patot la *tough

suechan said...

makan jgn tak makan.
makan jgn tak makan.
makan jgn tak makan.

i think all of us are gaining more weight this week. setuju dgn anne.ur fridge deserve a 'tabik spring'.XP

gg_selamber said...

baru taw ke mud ak nieh "tough"..

rumah adalah syurga makanan :D
tp,ak rse ak mantain jerr "tough"..tak membesar mne pn,coz juz 1 week :(

Indera Putera Kayangan -Mus- said...

makan2 selagi boleh makan.. muda2 ni metabolisme masih tinggi, pastu ko bersukan kan?? mesti la perlu tenaga yang banyak..

nanti men rugby baru sedap gi tackle orang.. hahaha

*psst, pass ar sket makanan kat sini, malam2 kebulur gak aku kat sini.. haha

k u c e n g said...

makan jgn x makan.gile makan.