Tuesday, December 15, 2009

LG GT505

i've bought this phone this monday,without knowing anything about it. i was thinking of buying samsung's phone,but,the day i wanna buy it,the stock already sold out. so, i went to another phone booth,seeking for another model of phone,which i prefered. so, i stopped at this one booth,LG booth,then i saw this phone,same price with the one i prefered,but with better applications,espcially,it's camera (5.0 MP),GPS and WI-FI. it really caught my interest,without thinking much, i bought it. while using it,i found it,fantastic. wi-fi is great,GPS also great etc. but then. i went to the website, and read several comments about this phone. some say it is good,some say it is a rubbish. mostly comments on the batery,as the batery does not last long. ehm,i hope,my phone will not create such a problem. for now,i really like this phone..


mud said...

jom tukaq. hee :D

gg_selamber said...

bleyh,klau hang sanggup pki,batery cm siak ski,haha