Monday, December 20, 2010

don't laugh

some jokes that really make me laugh,
even i don't want to laugh,hahahahahaha

'Car and train jokes'

Did you hear about the girl who was so keen on road safety
that she always wore white at night?
Last winter she was knocked down by a snow plough


Why did the jellybean jump off the cliff?
Because he wanted to be smarty

'School jokes'

Teacher : Name two pronouns?
Pupil : Who?, me?

'Various animal jokes'

How does a leopard change its spot?
When it gets tired of one spot it just moves to another!

'Internet jokes'

PE Teacher : Why did you kick that ball straight at the school computer?
Pupil : You told me to put in the Net


In older times, it is reporter that sacrifices were made at the altar.
Since then, weddings have been held there,
and times haven't changed at all...

more jokes to come in the upcoming blog ;)

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