Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a nap in the afternoon

sometimes i praticed this,while i was in Malaysia
and today, coz i was so tired in the afternoon of the late night sleep
(i sung and was being to loud when my neighbour asked me to slow down my voice)
i took a nap, quite a long nap
from 12:30-14:00
and when i woke up, oh!!i feel so AWESOME till now
but, there is always a but
don't overnap, that u miss to solat ZOHOR!!!

and thanx to faizal, because you cook so well
i ate a delicious and super spicy 

of course this was not his,google

1 comment:

ayuakira said...

ko dok sne dpt makan ayam merah.ak dok malaysia pon xjmpe ayam masak merah kt tganu ni..haha