Monday, January 3, 2011


some of u might ask, what is da meaning of KLAUSUR??if not, who cares..should i translate it for you guys?? i think you all know how to use internet well, juz google at google translator, will get the precise translation..

haha..okeyh, let me translate it for you guys..don't cry beb, not cool, especially boys..okeyh, da meaning of KLAUSUR which came from german's words, mean EXAM..simple, exam, and i know most of you didn't like this word, right right??don't lie to me, who in da world likes exam??haha..okeyh2, some of you might like it..well good for those who like exams, you guys really dedicate your life to take all the exams in this world..LAME!!

end of this month/january 2011, i will take the first klausur as a student at Hochschule Rhein-Main. I'm a little bit nervous, and a little bit afraid, coz the passed four months, since september, i never pay a great attention during lectures, even when i was at my room, i barely touched books or papers, in other words, lack of revision..


i do hope all of you will together pray for our success, especially ME,hehe..currently, i'm revising or more just to reading all the WERKSTOFF past years papers, though i feel so lazy and sleepy..reading is just not my type, i like calculation, if only the calculation is not so complicated, but who does dat??sangat tak mencabar if it is no complicated..

owh, banyak tol syaitan yang bergayut dekat mata dan hati nieh..
Ya Allah, permudahkanlah hambaMu ini menuntut ilmu, 
memahami setiap ilmu yang dipelajari, 
dan mempraktikkan ilmu tersebut ke arah jalan yang benar..AMIN..


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ateen fiqah said...

gewd luck babe..
always pray for ur success!!!
FIGHTING!!!! hehe.. ;)