Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a day in köln

all da pictures were taken by using collela's camera, his new camera :D
it was juz in one day, saturday 30.01.2010

my room + my beg

my room is not so big, only for one person..the heater funtions very well & i love it..the matress is really soft (makes me hard to wake up)..the desk is also big enough to put all my stuff on it..however, the lamp are not so good as they (germans) use yellow bulb..ich verstehe das nicht,warum das so ist..ehmm..

@ kitchen

the kitchen is too small as compared to the kitchen in my house in m'sia..but,all the 'stuff' are complete and perfect, and therefore, we don't need to buy, like pan,folks,knife and so on..the kabinet above the mircowave is new, thanks to our landlord, herr Goerddezt for installing the kabinet..there are also washing machine and drier next to the sink...

@ indonesian platz am rudolfplatz

this was the time we went to indonesian restaurant..our seniors already brought us to this place, 7 days after we arrived in germany..the food were totally 'wunderbar'..at that time, we ordered 3 types of dishes, i don't even remember the name of the dishes.."prawns", "fish" and also "tauhu"..but after eating all those dishes, we were still hungry..we ordered 1 more dish called "ayam bumbu"..es schmeck sehr gut,lecker!!
how much did we needed to pay??EUR 66,60..:D

wir warten auf die u-bahn

this was the time we were waiting for the u-bahn @ train to arrive..somewhere around rudolfplatz station..

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